Create a Christmas Tree-Shaped Cloth Napkin in Seconds with This Hack

published Dec 18, 2020
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Credit: AT Video

Setting your holiday tablescape invites tons of creativity, but your cloth napkins are kinda just there. Sure, you can dress them up with a festive napkin ring, but one TikTok user just showed the genius way to make them an unexpected centerpiece of your table decor, detailing how to create a Christmas tree shape out of a cloth napkin in a matter of seconds.

Interior designer Slay Kanadikirik shared the super easy hack on her TikTok page, transforming a standard linen napkin into an adorable mini tree that can stand upright on each table setting or lay flat. You start by folding the napkin in half, and then a second time so it’s shaped like a square and features four layers on the corner—the corners should all line up with each other and it will appear to be a diamond shape. You then fold each corner on the outer layer towards the inner layer one at a time, making sure to keep everything smooth as you go.

You’ll then gently flip the napkin over, folding each upper outside corner over to the edge of the corresponding opposite side, making the tops parallel to you—this should form a downward-facing triangle shape out of the corner layers. Then, you flip the napkin again, folding each flap up beginning from the top and making a kite shape. You’ll tuck the corresponding flaps under each one above it, and voilà, you’ve got a chic Christmas tree shape made out of your regular ‘ol cloth napkin.

It sounds more complicated than it is in reality, and it looks stylish with any decor scheme. Kanadikirik wore gloves to prevent the oils on her skin from transferring to her napkin, with the end result serving as the perfect finishing touch to this year’s holiday tablescape.