This Brilliant Trick Shows You to Clean Between Your Oven Door’s Glass Panels

published Nov 14, 2023
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bottom drawer of oven pulled open

No matter how clean you get the inside of your oven, it’s not fully clean until you get the door sparkling. (In fact, a dirty door will have your kitchen looking less than ideal!) My go-to cleaning agents are baking soda and vinegar to degrease and shine the outside surfaces, but what about all of the gunk that accumulates on the inside of the door — the space between the glass? I haven’t found a way to make that job easy.

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Until now, that is! One of Kitchn’s favorite TikTok follows, Texas-based cleaning pro Vanesa Amaro, recently shared a game-changing hack for getting between the oven’s glass panels. First, she says, remove the drawer below the oven. Then, if you get low to the ground and look up, under the door, you should see slots that allow you to reach the glass panels. That’s where you’ll use a cleaning tool to remove all that built-up grease and grime!

When I tried a similar hack with a microfiber cleaning wand last year, I was disappointed because I couldn’t fit the wand far enough in the opening to actually clean the glass well. Amaro offers an alternative: a cheaper $15 microfiber dusting wand (similar to the one I used, but smaller), which she then brilliantly cuts to fit between the glass. Like the pro that she is, she trims the too-bulky pieces of the wand’s fringes in order to fit the wand into the narrow slot. (Why hadn’t I thought to do that?) Then Amaro uses the tool to clean the glass, wiggling it from side to side.

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Here I am, trying this hack with my microfiber dusting wand. The cleaning magic lies in the type of wand you use and how you modify it to fit into your oven door.

To really zap the grease, spray your cleaning wand with an all-purpose cleaner or equal parts white vinegar and water before cleaning. If you don’t have a cleaning wand on hand, or you have an oven with a super-narrow opening, no worries: In a pinch, Amaro says you can easily use a wire clothes hanger carefully draped with a microfiber cloth as an easy fix. I’m still blown away by the idea to trim the microfiber fringes! Make the tool work for you!

How do you clean in between your oven’s glass panels? Tell us your tips in the comments below.

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