7 Useful Products That Will Keep Your Electronics Clean

published Oct 14, 2021
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There was a time — maybe, say, late 2019 — when we could all be blissfully unaware of the grime lurking on our phones and other devices. Back then, we could go for months (years?) without properly cleaning our tech gear and feel like we were none the worse for it. Alas, times have changed, and keeping nearly everything in our lives clean and germ free is a top priority. (Because no one wants to be putting something with 12 times the bacteria of a toilet seat on their face — gross!)

Consistently wicking away dust, streaks, and those coffee spills (whoops … ) is an easy way to extend the life of your products and keep them working in tip-top shape. However, remembering to do so is easier said than done, and even when you do put tech cleaning on your to-do list, typical cleaning products aren’t always up to the task. Here’s the good news though: We’ve rounded up some of the best, most effective products out there dedicated to keeping your beloved gear shiny, clean, and functioning at its best. Check our favorites out below:

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Have you splurged on a pair of wireless headphones only to find they get so grimy, so quick? Yeah, we’ve been there. Lucky for all of us, kits like this exist to keep our buds looking brand new. Suitable for AirPods, wireless headphones, and even hearing aids, this collection includes a number of different small cleaning brushes to help you clear out the vent, speakers, and charging case.

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If you travel a lot for work, have a job where you're presenting to clients, or just want to look your best (tech gear included), then this ingenious pick is the tool for you. This cleaning mist comes in a lipstick-sized bottle and works like a true MVP. Simply spray the included cleaning solution onto the surface of your tech (it’s safe for both glass and LCD surfaces), then use the body of the tool to buff off any fingerprints, streaks, or sticky substances. The exterior is covered in a super-soft microfiber cloth, so it’s boss at removing the oil associated with fingerprints while being safe for delicate surfaces.

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If you’re a gamer or someone with multiple keyboards and monitors, you may need more than your average bristle brush to keep everything clean. This paddle sweeper is up to the task, thanks to three rows of nylon bristles with just the right firmness to remove particles without scratching. The brush also comes with an attached key puller, which comes in handy if you find yourself needing to remove a stubborn, stuck letter on your keyboard.

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Sometimes you just need a little suction to get the job done, but nothing seems more daunting than carting out your full-sized vacuum to tackle something so tiny. Enter: this handy rechargeable dust cleaner that packs 60 watts of power into a small but mighty frame. The long nose and bristle tip make it ideal for clearing out your computer’s keyboard, vacuuming around your television, removing dust from air conditioner grates, and even cleaning the inside of stand-alone speakers. The best part? It can hold a charge for hours, so you’ll probably be able to tackle all the tech in your home in one go.

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A little dust can go a long way in hindering your ability to get the perfect Instagram shot, which is why this brush duo from OXO is so genius. It boasts dual ends — one featuring a soft bristle brush, one featuring a silicone scraper — to help you easily clean around your phone's camera lense, keyboard keys, and even watch face. Bonus: The silicone end comes with a cap and the bristles retract when not in use, so this will be a tool you can rely on for years to come.

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It’s easy to ignore just how dirty your laptop’s screen is — until you move into the sun or try to work outdoors. That's when you quickly realize the surface is covered with enough streaks and fingerprints to make a CSI tech go mad. With its two-in-one cleaning capabilities, this OXO laptop cleaner can help you rid yourself of those vision-blurring additions. Soft bristles are great for getting to the crumbs and bits in your keyboard, while the microfiber pad on the opposite side is the ideal way to buff out fingerprints and other smudges.

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If you’ve ever found yourself with laptop keys that stick (or worse, have keys that just flat out don’t work), then you need this genius gel. Simply lay it atop your keyboard and it will mold to the spaces in between the keys, effortlessly picking up food crumbs, dust particles, and more. But that’s not all it’s good for — use the sticky goo on your car’s interior (see ya later, cup holder crumbs!), computer mouse, and even DSLR camera. A single jar of gel will last until the color turns dark, and you get four in a set. Translation: Plenty of satisfying gel cleaning sessions are in your future.