People Would Rather Clean Toilets Than Duvets, According To This Survey

updated Jul 30, 2020
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(Image credit: Lauren Kolyn)

Recently, the luxury mattress experts over at The Saatva Company took a shameless look at what other people do in bed. As it turns out, surveying couples about their sleeping habits yielded some rather surprising results.

We can get to the responses about sex and mattress preferences later, but first things first: Of the 1,500 participants, the 962 who use a duvet actually prefer to clean all the toilets in their home over washing and reassembling the bed covering and its contents. Take a moment to let that sink in. To some people, scrubbing a toilet bowl is somehow less of a loathsome task than changing a duvet.

Now, we can’t ignore the fact that one absolutely needs some serious patience (and perhaps, a list of expert tips with photos) to put on a duvet cover without abandoning the entire endeavor and going back to the simplicity of a comforter. But dealing with a dirty duvet over tussling with toilet grime seemed like an obvious choice—though we do have to thank Dorothy Rodgers for making toilet brushes that are easier to use.

So what else goes down in the participants’ boudoirs? When it comes to sex or sleep, 65 percent of the women surveyed would opt for a night of quality shuteye over a vigorous romp in the sack, whereas 58 percent of men prioritized a night of steamy sex over good sleep. If you’ve noticed dust and tumbleweeds taking up residence in your local pajama aisle, it may have something to do with the fact that a lot of people prefer to sleep in the nude. Particularly, 66 percent of Saatva’s survey respondents take it all off before hopping in bed, and 20 percent of those who routinely sleep naked are men.

Recently, we’ve seen the hell that’s unleashed when partners switch sides of the bed, but according to the survey, partners who snore and opposing mattress preferences are equally triggering topics among couples who sleep together. According to the results, 39 percent of respondents are peeved by their partners’ snoring habits (45 percent of women compared to only 33 percent of men); 22 percent complained about cover-stealing; 10 percent really hate when a partner requires constant cuddling in bed.