Double the Surface Area of Your Coffee Table Using This Genius Idea

published Aug 25, 2022
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When space is at a premium, maximizing every square inch isn’t just a priority, it’s a chance to come up with creative solutions. It’s always exciting — and downright inspiring — to see the different ways creativity can be expressed. In the case of Daniel Parkington and his husband Geof Parkington, who live in a 670-square-foot apartment in Grand Rapids, Michigan, finding the ideal spot for Geof’s beloved Star Wars toy collection within a curated design was key. 

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“I like working it in while still having it read that childless adults live here,” Daniel told AT. 

The couple entertain frequently, which means that any clear surface would also be coveted for when friends come over. That’s when Daniel had the idea to ask his father to build what he calls a “Star Wars table” that would act as a display case and a piece of practical furniture.

“[Geof] wanted to store the TIE fighter, and I thought it was pointless to have something that big taking up our limited space,” Daniel continues. “I gave my dad the dimensions, and he made us this amazing table that we love. It really became a focal point and vibe setter for the rest of the apartment.”

The base of the coffee table is a wood square, and a glass square sits on top of it. Beneath the glass are all of Geof’s toys, as well as books, plants, and accessories. Everything is contained, so it gives off the appearance of being clean-lined and styled, just like the rest of their apartment.

Naturally, this solution isn’t limited to Star Wars, and putting a glass top on any standard wood coffee table would happily contain whichever items you want to have on hand. Perhaps you don’t want to keep pricey coffee table books too close to everyday drinks or snacks, or maybe you have breakable keepsakes that you’d like to show off without risking their untimely demise. If you put them beneath glass, you can have design and safety in one — a double-duty solution that’s sure to make a difference in a small home.