The $30 Cooling Mat That Keeps My Dogs Cool All Summer

published Jul 4, 2024
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A Bernese Mountain Dog Lounges at Home in the Kitchen
Credit: Jill Lehmann Photography/Getty Images

Because Louisiana is warm almost all year long, I’m constantly looking for products that help to stay cool whether I’m in my house or outside. Cooling bedding is an absolute must (I’m a hot sleeper, after all) and I have fans strategically placed in my living room and in my bedroom. Pints for my Ninja CREAMi are always stocked in the freezer, and even my sleep mask keeps my face from overheating. However, just as important as it is for me to combat the hot weather with numerous cooling solutions, my dogs need to stay cool and comfortable this season as well. Since we live in the South where humidity sticks to you like an old friend, cooling products are a priority for humans and pets alike. One cool item that my dogs have fallen for this year is the Reversible Cooling Pet Mat from the outdoor brand Coleman. My family has been using Coleman coolers since I was a child, so I had no doubt it was a brand I could trust.

What Is the Coleman Reversible Cooling Pet Mat?

Available in red and coral as well as navy and teal, Coleman’s cooling pet mat is a gel-infused pad that’s safe to use indoors, outdoors, and in kennels. Its cooling feature is weight-activated, providing instant relief to your furry companions for up to three hours. As far as temperature goes, the mat stays between 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature, no refrigeration required. When not in use, it can easily be folded and stored for safekeeping. It’s also extremely easy to clean by wiping it down with a damp cloth. Best suited for small and medium breeds, the medium mat measures 24 inches across, and the large mat measures 36 inches. In addition to the round mats, Coleman offers multiple mats for pets to keep them cool through the summer and beyond. Products include a rectangular reversible pad, a cooling gel pad, a pressure-activated cooling gel mat, and more.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Why I Love the Coleman Reversible Cooling Pet Mat

Of my two dogs, my Australian shepherd-mix Chai definitely runs a little warmer. He has more fur and more energy, plus he prefers hard flooring over soft carpet. Even though it’s gotten hotter in Louisiana, the dogs want to be outside just as much as any other time of year, so when they get back into the house, they’re looking for instant relief. For Chai, it’s the Coleman Reversible Cooling Mat. The first time I put it down on the floor, he didn’t know what to make of it. But when I plopped him down on the weight-activated pad and the cooling kicked in, he was immediately sold. Even when Leo strolled over to play, Chai wouldn’t budge. He goes over to it on his own now, and will lay there for at least an hour, taking naps and all.

I love that I don’t have to keep the cooling mat on the floor all the time. It’s not so big that it gets in the way, but if you’ve had dogs, you know how their stuff has a way of “taking over” a room. So I try to keep things nice and tidy by putting toys, blankets, and mats away when my pets aren’t giving them the time of day. The mat folds up so easily that it can be stored in its box or you can put it away on a shelf without it taking up much room. Though the summer has just begun, this mat has already been a game-changer for keeping my pets cool all season long. If you have pets at home that often scout for the coolest spot in the house for comfort, this mat is totally worth a try!

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