The Best List-Winning Sleep Mask My Entire Family Relies On for Smooth Hair and the Best Sleep Ever

published Jan 4, 2024
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When it comes to home comforts, the bedroom is one area where my family goes above and beyond. I have relatives with ultra-fancy remote-controlled beds, and my mom made her luxurious mattress even better with this AT-favorite topper. My cousin totally outfitted her bedroom with affordable Five Below finds from storage bins and floating shelves to wall hangings and LED light strips. I’ve even got my own favorite pillows and sheets I can’t live without. Aside from bedding and decor, another must-have that’s often found in my family’s homes is sleep masks. And not just any mask will do.

To pick out the best sleep mask you can buy, you ideally want a layer that’s soft and comfortable to wear in a range of sleeping positions. It’s even better if the mask can successfully block out intruding light. Plus, if you want to ensure your skin and hair are also protected through the night, a silk sleep mask is your safest bet. Not to mention, different types of closures and padding can affect the comfort and feel of the sleep mask as well. The sleep mask that my family trusts also happens to be at the top of AT’s Best List: Drowsy’s Silk Sleep Mask.

What Is the Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask?

Made with 22 momme mulberry silk, the Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask is a luxurious bedtime accessory that provides an instant upgrade to your sleep routine. What makes it stand out from typical sleep masks is its clever “nose wing” design that gives you total blackout coverage that can be tailored to your preferences. The cloud-like mask has a wide, fully adjustable, and padded closure that prevents hair snags, slipping, and a bad fit. Additionally, its smooth mulberry silk fabric protects your skin and hair from unsightly lines and frizz, which is a huge plus if you’ve got curly or coil-y hair like me. Bonus: Aside from everyday use, the sleep mask is also great for travel.

“It’s so soft and definitely also helped me when I had a migraine to block out the light and slight sound and fall asleep,” says Angel, my cousin, who also packs the mask in her carry-on for flights. “This mask is so good compared to many others I have used!” She adds that it’s also a good choice for those with long eyelashes since “some masks can be super harsh on them, but this one was soft and gentle.” It certainly helps that the mask is adjustable and doesn’t put more pressure on your face than you prefer. Further proof that the Drowsy Silk Sleep Mask is a cozy game-changer is the fact that Angel liked it so much she bought a second one as a gift for her mom.

In addition to a variety of calming solid hues, the sleep mask is available in 21 colors, patterns, and designs that include celestial prints and piped accents. You can also pick up the sleep mask as part of Drowsy’s luxury sleep sets that come with a carrying case and more.

What Drowsy Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.7/5 stars

“I have not found a sleep mask like this one ever. Usually they squeeze my head and slide off but this is perfect. I also have a tall nose so most masks don’t sit flat on my face, letting lots of light come in. This one doesn’t do that”. — Kajsa R.

“My eye masks usually fall off by the time I wake up, and this one stays on very nicely and very comfortable. Perfect for a night shift worker!” — Shelby S.

“I bought my whole family sleep masks from Drowsy Sleep last Christmas. We love them all so much (and genuinely use them everyday — it’s transformed our sleep!) that I bought a couple more pairs to replace them whilst the original ones are in the wash! Happy that they’ve now come out with scrunchies – can’t wait to try them!” — Aimee K.

As part of Drowsy’s January Sale, you can score up to 30% off a selection of the brand’s luxe sleep masks and silk pillowcases, including family bundles and complete sleep sets. You can also pick up silk scrunchies, pillow spray, and candles at a discount, too!