The Look is Just a Click Away: Online Design Links for “Artful Bohemian” BedroomsStyle
Add chic bohemian style vibes to your bedroom without ever leaving home. These real rooms ace the free-spirited Artful Bohemian look. And they may even motivate your own shopping spree; you can shop for the items you see in these bedrooms online! We’ve also listed the effective design elements used to illustrate why these rooms work. Use the resources below to craft an online shopping list for your own beautiful boho bedroom.
Feb 22, 2017
Get the Look: Relaxed, “Lived-in” StyleTours
Alisha and Taylor’s Austin house is perfect for all the entertaining they do, outfitted as it is with ample seating, cozy textiles, a well-stocked bar cart, and a table large enough to accommodate six diners and Taylor’s famous tablescapes. Their furnishings and accessories are highly eclectic, making it oh-so-easy to shop the style! Paint — Benjamin Moore Sofa — Pottery Barn Rug — IKEA Rattan Table — Target Pouf — Similar: Overstock.
Feb 16, 2017
Get the Look: Colorful Transitional Vintage StyleTours
It’s often a good idea to trust the design instincts of a successful interior designer and Bethany’s Brooklyn apartment does not disappoint. If you’re looking for some colorful and easy-to-source inspiration, check out Bethany’s resource lists below to shop her style!
Feb 16, 2017
The New Organic Modern Style Is Moody, Cozy and Just the Look Your Living Room NeedsStyle
Organic Modern style, with its soothing mix of contemporary furniture shapes and tactile textures, has always been a contemporary look that embraces the comforts of nature. If you want a living room that’s ultra comfy and welcoming, Organic Modern is for you. Historically known for soft color palettes and neutral tones, I’ve noticed a rise in a new kind of Organic Modern: The Moody Organic Modern.
Feb 16, 2017
Get the Look: Dumpster-Diving, Art-DIYing, Upcycled StyleTours
Christa’s Boston home is chock full of treasures that she and her friends have rescued from dumps, out-of-business stores and junk shops, accessorized by lovely works of art they’ve made. Don’t want to dumpster dive? You can totally shop the style. Floor Lamp — West Elm Cushion — IKEA Iron Donkey — Similar: Modish Store Vase — Similar: Overstock.
Feb 13, 2017
Get the Look: New England & Scandinavian-Inspired CharmTours
Elijah’s Boston apartment seamlessly combines inspiration sourced from New England, classic Americana, his world travels (to Scandinavia and beyond), and his German heritage. If you’re intrigued by his “Ralph Lauren’s son returns from study abroad in Stockholm” style, check out his resource lists below to shop his charming style!
Feb 10, 2017
Get the Look: Playful, Modern & MinimalTours
Carlos’ Puerto Rico apartment is filled with bright, colorful furniture and playful accents, such as video game consoles from his childhood and mustache throw pillows. His sophisticated home—which is 23 stories high with gorgeous views of Puerto Rico’s beaches—doesn’t take itself too seriously. Check out the sources below to shop the style for your own home.
Feb 9, 2017
Get the Look: Retro Coziness & FunkTours
Nisha and Tim’s London house is full of so many vintage treasures that they’ve acquired from thrift stores, flea markets, boot sales, curbs, family, and world travels. Here are the next best things to all those precious secondhand finds, so don’t fret if there aren’t boot sales in your neck of the woods!
Feb 8, 2017
Get the Look: “Modernized Traditional” & Textured StyleTours
Hannah and Marc’s vibrant and textured Nashville home showcases modern accents and bold paint colors, and infuses them with traditional elements. The end result is a style they call “Modernized Traditional” — a successful way of mixing contemporary pieces in a traditional space. Check out the links below to shop the style for your home.
Feb 7, 2017
Get the Look: Detailed Modern Meets Traditional CraftTours
When Pamela, Michael, and their son Max moved into their 1906 historic Portland home, the floors were layered with soot and grime, the ceilings had water damage and rot, and there were literally holes in the floors. The couple did a major renovation, and now, the home shows off beautiful original features plus finishes of their choice. It’s also filled with gorgeous furniture, accents, and art the family loves. Check out the links below to shop some of those pieces.
Feb 7, 2017
Get the Look: Modern & Cool Meets Classic & RomanticTours
Kate and Jennifer’s shared space is equal parts modern and cool, but also classic and romantic. In their 1,000 square foot condo, you’ll find bold colors and clean lines mixed with traditional furniture and accents. Shop the style below to get this sophisticated yet edgy look in your home.
Feb 3, 2017
Get the Look: Chic, Glam & PlayfulTours
Tiffany and Alan’s Austin bungalow is chic and playful, inspired by Tiffany’s background in fashion and the couple’s travels. Most impressive is that the couple has only been in the space for nine months. You can easily get this warm, beautiful look in your home using the links below. Shop the style!
Jan 31, 2017
Get the Look: A Mix of Modern, Rustic & Chinoiserie-InspiredTours
Sarah has executed the perfect mix of traditional, rustic, Chinoiserie, and mid-century styles in her family’s Massachusetts home. With easy-to-source furniture and decor you can shop Sarah’s style and achieve this bright mix of styles, too!
Jan 30, 2017
Get the Look: “The Kennedys Go to Camp” StyleTours
Matt and Amanda’s Pasadena home doesn’t have one specific style. But they think that if the Kennedys went camping, this is how it would look: craftsman elements, mid-century furniture mixed with rustic accents, and even a little bit of glam. Combined, those elements create a cozy home the couple can enjoy in their quiet, tree-lined neighborhood. Shop the style below!
Jan 29, 2017
Get the Look: A Relaxed “Great Place to Drink Wine” StyleTours
Brittany and Christian’s Washington, D.C., row house is anchored by black, white and gray pieces, allowing their bright art, furnishings and accessories to truly pop. From blue velvet dining chairs and headboard to a red console, this home is full of fun and life.
Jan 27, 2017
Get the Look: A Mix of Nordic & NaturalTours
Eva’s Barcelona apartment has that rare combination of clean, airy, Scandinavian minimalism and quirky, colorful coziness. Her large art collection adds so much personality and life, while the mid-century-inspired furnishings keep things gracefully grounded.
Jan 26, 2017
Get the Look: Clean Lines & Breathable SpacesTours
Clara and Allen’s Austin house is enviably airy, inviting, “modern-ish,” and cozy. As a bonus, the majority of the pieces featured in their home are still available from the original retailers, making it exceedingly easy to shop the style.
Jan 25, 2017
Get the Look: Modern Meets Bohemian in AustinTours
Emily has mastered the art of tastefully combining modern and bohemian decor and furniture while keeping it refreshingly minimal in her 1967 renovated Austin charmer. Take a peek at her resource lists below to shop her delightful style!
Jan 24, 2017
Get the Look: A Harmonious Blend of Traditional, Contemporary & ModernTours
Kathryn and Emilio’s North Carolina home doesn’t feature one specific style. It showcases a harmonious blend of traditional, contemporary and modern styles that provides the family and their guests with a breath of fresh air. Guests are also delighted to find surprises in every corner if they look close enough, such as the Art Deco floor lamp in the living room or geometric lamps in the bedroom. You can now shop the style using the links below!
Jan 23, 2017
Get the Look: Historic Meets Modern for a Soothing BlendTours
James loves antiques and family heirlooms, while Kristen is drawn towards modern styles. The end result of their combined tastes in their Charleston home is “historic meets modern” — vintage accents mixed with items from modern brands like Anthropologie (spot the beautiful leather sofa in the living room). Shop the links below to incorporate a similar style in your home.
Jan 21, 2017
Get the Look: Vibrant, Colorful & ConfidentTours
Maggie and Chuck’s South Carolina house is chock-full of upcycled vintage pieces, DIY upholstery and curtains, and bold design elements. If you’re not in the habit of making valances, nightstands, and pillows yourself, this Shop The Style is for you.
Jan 20, 2017
Get the Look: Easy-going, Casual & ComfyTours
Brooks and Matt’s Nashville house features hard-to-get hardwood floors and bay windows, but is furnished in easy-to-find pieces from retailers such as IKEA, West Elm, World Market, and Urban Outfitters, making it super-simple to shop the style.
Jan 19, 2017
Get the Look: 19th Century New Orleans CharmTours
Timothy’s 1868 house has been painstakingly restored—by Timothy himself—over the last six years, and its historical charm is accentuated by a selection of furniture and art inspired by both the home’s original ornate details and the Industrial Revolution. If you don’t have hand-carved cypress medallions and 13-foot ceilings, don’t worry: you can still shop the style!
Jan 18, 2017
Get the Look: Masculine & Modern, Black & WhiteTours
The palette of Lauryn and Michael’s LA home is so limited that when I first saw their gallery, I thought the photos were in black and white! With a combination of design classics (Kartell Ghost chairs) and surprising elements (a wall-mounted vintage motorcycle), their home is fascinating, inviting, and totally shoppable.
Jan 14, 2017
Get the Look: Minimal MCM Meets Flea Market ChicTours
Marni and Laine’s Los Angeles rental is sure to inspire. They’ve mastered the art of mash-up — one a collector with a love of flea market finds and a boho vibe, the other leans toward minimal, negative-space style. If you’re trying to reconcile these two styles, look no further than Marni and Laine’s resource lists!
Jan 13, 2017
Get the Look: A Comfortable, Classic & Rustic MixTours
Mimi and Harper’s Nashville home is calm, comfortable, vibrant and eclectic all at once. They achieve this look by mixing traditional pieces with eclectic, rustic accents and art. Use the links below for inspiration to get a similar cozy look in your home.
Jan 12, 2017
Get the Look: Worldly & EclecticTours
Spencer’s Austin house reflects his life as a world-traveler, filled as it is with masks from Ghana, fabric from Tanzania (that he sewed into pillow covers), and art from Scandinavia. But before you get too intimidated by his jet-setting shopping style, know that his home also boasts furniture from IKEA, lamps from Target, and $5 pendants from Home Depot, so you can easily shop the style.
Jan 11, 2017
Get the Look: Woodsy Cabin Meets ’70s VibesTours
Jen says her Oakland home’s style is like a modern cabin with strong ’70’s vibe. If you love bold patterns, vintage furniture, and lots of plants, you might find the links below useful to incorporate a similar style in your home.
Jan 10, 2017
Get the Look: Thrifty Modern & Eclectic StyleTours
Colie and her husband have only lived in their 781 square foot North Loop Minneapolis apartment for a few months, but it doesn’t show. As the daughter of an interior decorator, Colie has great design instincts and an eye for a deal. Take a page from Colie’s book and shop her style for a modern eclectic look of your own!
Jan 8, 2017
Get the Look: Plant Lover’s Warm Organic Modern HomeTours
Ana and Mansour’s North Carolina apartment is full of plants and light, and while the couple claims, “We do not have a particular style,” they’ve somehow managed to create a home that feels cohesive, cozy, and chic.
Jan 7, 2017
Get the Look: Modern, Crafty Farmhouse ChicTours
Dan and Yves’ Chelsea home is modern and artistic, with farmhouse accents, crafty DIYs, and unique art pieces in every room. Some may call it “eclectic” but we call it “farmhouse chic.” Find some of the beautiful pieces featured in their home (or something similar) using the links below.
Jan 6, 2017
Get the Look: A Retro Scandi Modern MixTours
Mylène’s style is a “mix of retro, Scandinavian, modern elements and plants.” Her Montreal apartment is filled with old and new with DIY projects in nearly every room. Shop Mylène’s style to achieve a “soft retro” look of your own.
Jan 5, 2017
Get the Look: “Less is More” Creative StyleTours
As an artist, Antje wanted a home with bright natural light so she could create art. She found that in her open-plan studio, located in the historic Alfama district in Lisbon, Portugal. In the three years she’s been there, she’s filled her home with wonderful antiques and vintage accents, as well as her beautiful art. If you agree that “less is more,” check out some of the links below to shop for similar styles in your home.
Jan 4, 2017
Get the Look: Vintage, Artsy “Good Vibes” in SpainTours
Dora and Oliver’s Barcelona flat is full of quirky works of art, DIY pieces, and souvenirs from their travels that they use to make ever-changing vignettes around their home. Shop the style, and commence to arranging and rearranging to your heart’s content! Wall Hanging — Similar: West Elm Black and White Pillow — Similar: Overstock.
Jan 3, 2017
Get the Look: Modern, Minimal & Budget-Friendly StyleTours
Look no further than Nicole and Dave’s Baltimore loft if you’ve been searching for a modern and minimal, yet budget-friendly look. They have perfected using easy to find and easy on the pocketbook IKEA staples along with DIY and intriguing decor to create a cohesive, modern, and stylish live/work space. Check out their resource lists to shop their style!
Jan 2, 2017
Get the Look: Clean, High-Contrast & Colorful StyleTours
Furnishing a brand new home can be a challenge when you’ve recently exhausted your budget on building it. As many of us do, Athena has an IKEA nearby that helped her get off on the right foot. If you’re looking for some ideas to maximize affordable IKEA style and add DIY features while keeping your space looking unique and inviting, check out Athena’s resource lists!
Dec 20, 2016
Get the Look: Mid-Century Global EclecticismTours
Dana’s Toronto apartment features an intriguing juxtaposition: clean-lined, updated takes on Mid-century modern classics paired with gorgeous, traditional pieces handmade by Jordanian women artisans. Those items can be found in Dana’s shop, Ayadii, and everything else is listed below so you can shop the style.
Dec 19, 2016
Get the Look: Comfortable & Casual in D.C.Tours
Liz and Brendan’s Washington, D.C. home achieves a near-impossible balance: neat and tidy, yet filled with fascinating objects. The clean-lined furnishings allow the interesting accessories to shine—shop the style and that balance can be yours!
Dec 18, 2016
Get the Look: Traditional Meets ModernTours
Christine’s Boston apartment is a rental, but it has the polished elegance of a long-established home. She describes it as, “Collected, eclectic and tailored,” and that is certainly apt: all of the elements are sophisticated, but nothing is predictable. Now you can shop the style—though I wasn’t able to find a comparable black velvet painting of ships!
Dec 17, 2016
Get the Look: Eclectic, Contemporary & Colorful StyleTours
Tami’s New Orleans home couldn’t get much happier than it already is. It’s bright, colorful, completely unique, and even has it’s own name. Tami’s home is constantly changing, in true artist fashion. But if you like what you see right now, check out her resource lists to shop her unique style and make your space happy, too!
Dec 16, 2016
Get the Look: Natural, Neutral and Modern Chicago StyleTours
Jess’s Ravenswood Chicago rental is bursting with inspiring DIY projects, both from scratch and simple furniture upgrades. They fit together seamlessly with her overall natural and modern style. If you aren’t quite as handy or patient as Jess, check out her resource lists to source some similar ready-made items to add your home.
Dec 15, 2016
Get the Look: Fearless & ColorfulTours
A variety of styles blend together to create comfortable spaces in Heidi and Erik’s Cleveland home. Mixing so many different textures and colors can easily overwhelm a room, but in their home, it feels natural. Check out the shopping sources below to get this unique “mixed and matched” look in your home.
Dec 14, 2016
Get the Look: Eclectic, Kid-Friendly, Fun & FunctionalTours
Emily and Grady’s Portland family home is full of antique, heirloom, custom-made, and handmade treasures, as well as select pieces from accessible sources such as CB2,, Crate & Barrel, Target, and IKEA, making it easy for you to shop the style! Wall Paint — Benjamin Moore Rug — Similar: Overstock.
Dec 13, 2016
Get the Look: Modern, Minimalist & EarthyTours
Erin and Tobin’s condo in Rhode Island is a perfect blend of minimal decor and bright, bold colors. The bright yellow backsplash and colorful poster in the kitchen contrast the white, modern IKEA cabinets, and the beautiful yellow lounge chairs in the “record room” add a pop of color to the light and airy room. Check out the sources below to shop some of the items featured in their gorgeous Providence home.
Dec 9, 2016
Get the Look: Minimal & Organic Mediterranean StyleTours
Bring modern Mediterranean vibes into your home with Noemi and Cristian’s resource lists! Their minimal and airy (but also very fun and casual) Barcelona rental is sure to inspire.
Dec 8, 2016
Get the Look: French Country With Modern Whimsical AccentsTours
Julie and David Holdsworth’s magical, French country-style home is filled with beautiful antiques and traditional furniture, but features unexpected accents in almost every room, such as Julie’s beautiful sculptures in the dining room. To get this beautiful style in your home, check out the sources below for inspiration.
Dec 7, 2016
Get the Look: An Efficient and Elegant Studio in Black & WhiteTours
Kristy’s Hollywood studio apartment is decorated entirely in black, white, and gray, with a few natural materials—wood floors, bamboo chairs, potted plants, a few gleaming metals—that add warmth. Much of her furniture can be acquired from Crate & Barrel (no surprise, as she’s a merchandising manager for the company) and the rest are readily available elsewhere, so shopping her sleek style is a black and white breeze!
Dec 6, 2016
Get the Look: Playful, Imaginative, & WhimsicalTours
Steve and Sarah’s beautiful home in Illinois showcases their personalities perfectly: playful, imaginative and whimsical. Their home features accessible furniture, as well as unique art and decor that is meaningful to them and their children. If you love this beautiful style, you can get the decor for your own home using the sources below.
Dec 3, 2016
Get the Look: High Ceilings, High Tech in TorontoTours
Juliana’s Toronto loft is flooded with light from the floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing one to appreciate the subtle textures and hues with which she has filled her home. If you are not as blessed, window-wise, you can still achieve a similarly sophisticated look by shopping her style!
Dec 2, 2016
Get the Look: A Worldly Victorian FlatTours
Frances’ San Francisco Victorian apartment is filled with treasures, inspiration and art from her travels in Russia, Hungary, Poland, France and England—but you can shop the style without leaving your home. charset="utf-8" src="
Nov 30, 2016
Get the Look: Beautiful, Functional & ModernTours
Jan-Nicolas and Vincent’s Montreal home is beautiful and modern, yet functional and happy at the same time (just take a look at the bright yellow stairs leading to their third floor flat). You can find some of the custom pieces and unique art that fill their home using the sources below.
Nov 29, 2016
Get the Look: Elegant Style Full of Bold Color & TextureTours
This gorgeous one bedroom London apartment is bursting with bold colors, patterns, and textures. Check out Shanade’s resource lists below to shop her style and add some bold elegance to your home!
Nov 27, 2016
Get the Look: A Happy, Cozy & Inviting Home in MelbourneTours
Dawn and Darren keep it simple in their inner-city Melbourne home. The decorations are minimal and they only invest in pieces that are bold, bright and certain to make anyone smile. You can shop some of the items in their home using the sources below!
Nov 26, 2016
Get the Look: Modern & Minimal in SpainTours
Anna’s Barcelona house used to be her grandparents’ home, and she’s filled it with modern, minimal furnishings that suit her modern life. The palette is white, wood, black, and aqua, resulting in a tranquil, airy feel that can be yours—shop the style!
Nov 25, 2016
Get the Look: Eclectic, Timeless & Family-ReadyTours
Jamie and AJ’s family-ready home is eclectic, timeless and fit for their entertaining lifestyle. To shop some of the gorgeous pieces featured in their open, airy home, check out the sources below.
Nov 24, 2016
Get the Look: Vintage, Eclectic & Colorful StyleTours
Bold, colorful, and vintage — if that’s your goal, take a peek at Allison’s resource lists from her unforgettable Austin apartment to shop her style and instantly fill your space with colorful kitschy decor! charset="utf-8" src="
Nov 23, 2016
Get the Look: Loved, Lived-In & “West Coast Grandma”Tours
Caitlyn’s Toronto apartment is full of pieces made by, inherited from, and given by loved ones—but if you’re not quite as lucky as she is, never fear! You can totally shop the style.
Nov 21, 2016
Get the Look: Organic, Floral & Full of NatureTours
Plants, flowers, and minimalism combine with pops of color and woodsy, cabin-inspired elements: welcome to Dave and Kelly’s Chicago home. Check out the shopping links below to get a similar cozy vibe in your home. charset="utf-8" src="
Nov 20, 2016
Get the Look: Eclectic & Cozy in MelbourneTours
Adrienne’s Australian apartment is nicknamed “The Nest” because of her bower bird-like tendency to gather and display favorite bits and bobs from unexpected sources. While you might not have her knack for making the most of hard rubbish days, you can totally shop the style. Dining Table — Similar: Green Wood Stool — Similar: Green Metal Stool — Similar: Overstock.
Nov 19, 2016
Get the Look: Travel-inspired & ContemporaryTours
Kristen and Michael’s historic home in Rhode Island is filled with beautiful items featured in Kristen’s shop, as well as treasures they find on their travels. To get this contemporary and travel-inspired look in your home, check out the sources below, which include some of the fabulous items in Kristen’s well-curated shop. charset="utf-8" src="
Nov 18, 2016
Get the Look: Retro & Funky Yet Minimal in TennesseeTours
Balee and Dylan’s Nashville home was inspired by Stanley Kubrick films and the Beverly Hills Hotel, and while you won’t be able to replicate the details and wood paneling original to the 1950s ranch house, the Mid-century modern-inspired furnishings are widely available!
Nov 16, 2016