Color Cheat Sheet: The 21 Most Perfect Blue Paint Colors For Your Home

Color Cheat Sheet: The 21 Most Perfect Blue Paint Colors For Your Home

Arlyn Hernandez
Aug 28, 2017
(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Picking our favorite blues gave us the blues. There are way.too.many. amazing blues out there. After all, blue is one of the most popular colors in home decor right now. Narrowing down to 21 was painful, and every time we thought we had the final selection, another color popped up that needed to make it into our top options, and it was an internal struggle to figure out what it was replacing. So, with all that said, we finally pared down the list to 21 of our most-loved blue paint colors for your home.

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

What you'll find for each color are a few swatches: a swatch of how the color appears online on each manufacturer website, an actual paint chip from the hardware store and, finally, a swatch of the color we painted ourselves IRL. We thought this was an important selection to show because oftentimes what you see online (and even on the paint chip) differs when you actually get it into your home. Most of these are pretty spot on, but you'll notice that a few appeared greener, or bluer, or grayer on the online swatch than they turned out when we painted something ourselves.

We, of course, recommend always testing a paint color on several walls of your home before taking the plunge to be sure that it looks the way you want it to with the lighting in your home, but if you know blue is what you're after, consider this your little cheat sheet to get you closer to the right shade.


(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Let's take a look at all the colors individually, shall we?

Looking for a rich teal on the bluer side? Pacific Pleasure from Valspar is bold yet serious, perfect for a bedroom, hallway or even interior doors.

We love this milky blue from Valspar. It's a little chalky, but would also look spectacular in a high gloss on cabinetry, paneling and other woodwork.

A cool, misty blue that would be right at home in a kid's room as much as it would a grown up's space.

For a crisp color that whispers "I'm blue" just loud enough to make a difference, Sky High is perfect for someone who wants to cross over from the neutral side but is still a little timid.

Languid Blue reminds us of those beautiful, ethereal Swedish blues we see all over Instagram. Bring a little wanderlust into your home with a shade like this one.

If you've ever been to Paris, likely you remember the bevy of stop-you-in-your-tracks blues on the architecture all over the city. Pratt & Lambert has captured that navy-meets-teal blue in their aptly named French Blue.

Oh yes! We're dying to see Loyal Blue on some kitchen cabinetry. It's the kind of color that transform when the sun streaks across it, but still feels just as special when night falls.

Beyond having the cutest name of all the paints here, Blueberry Muffin has enough gray in it to feel modern and mature.

If you're looking for a deep peacock blue to transform your space, try Celestial Blue on for size.

Glidden's Rich Navy is exactly that: a rich, blue navy.

No one knows how to do saturated, deep colors quite like Farrow & Ball, and their range of blues is second to none. Stiffkey Blue in particular is one of those shades that will forever make people ask you "what color is this?!?"

Another soft Parisian-y blue. Lulworth Blue looks much more green in the online swatch, but in real life, it's the perfect light powdery blue (that by no means feels like it belongs in a baby's room).

And the award for the most beloved blue by the designer crowd (and the AT editorial staff) goes to Hague Blue. This color is a's not quite blue, it's not quite green, it's not quite black. It's a shade that has an indescribable je ne sais quoi, perfect for achieving a moody, sophisticated, European vibe in your home.

Similar in tone to Hague Blue but with a little less depth.

Narrowing down Benjamin Moore's lineup of blue paints felt like a nearly impossible task, but Kensington Blue kept popping up in our search as a designer (and homeowner) favorite. We couldn't look away!

CENTURY by Benjamin Moore is an incredibly special line of paint. Mixed entirely by hand in small batches, it has a finish that has to be experienced to fully appreciate (but if we had to describe it as anything, it'd be almost...velvety). Cobalt is a dramatic, bright (yet grounded) blue that will reward those bold enough to try it.

Want a true blue that feels mysterious yet regal? Blue Grotto is your ticket, but's much more powerful on a full wall than this smaller IRL swatch will tell, but oh so worth the chance.

Named after the design-savvy Norwegian city, Oslo feels quite Nordic.

Just a smidgen greener and deeper than Oslo is Aspiring Blue.

Remember when we said earlier in this piece that just when we thought our list was final, certain colors would present themselves that we had to include in this lineup? Gentleman's Gray is one of those. We tried to ignore it as not to shake things up in our selection, but it kept forcing its way onto our path and we could say "no" only for so long. It's a spectacular color for furnishings, paneling and, especially, kitchen cabinetry.

Love gray? Love blue? Brittany Blue is that perfect bridge between both of those color worlds.

Do you have any of these colors in your own home? Do you have another favorite blue you can vouch for? Chime in in the comments!

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