12 Gorgeous (and Bright!) Ways to Use Chartreuse In Your Home

published Jun 6, 2024
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Are you someone who loves to play with color palettes? A self-proclaimed maximalist who believes that the more color, the better? Well, then, you’re likely on the hunt for new pops of color to add to your already vibrant spaces — and you might want to consider the chartreuse color. This not-quite-yellow, not-quite-green, very nearly fluorescent shade is reminiscent of highlighter markers. Although there are many varying degrees of this hue — it may lean slightly towards either green or yellow, depending on the shade you pick — there are so many ways to incorporate it into a room. Check out this list to see how you can make the most of chartreuse in your home.

1. Incorporate it into artwork and accessories.

In Frederique Schenkels and Stijn Dijkstra’s Netherlands home, chartreuse is the star of the show in the living room. While it’s most visible in the artwork behind the couch, the green lamp also shows up chartreuse when switched on, and both are juxtaposed against other shades of green. 

Credit: Don&Dandy

2. Put down a rug.

“Dopamine decor” is the theme of this apartment perfected by sisters Cira and Lischa Steiper, and one example of their happiness-inducing decor is this mod chartreuse rug placed in the living room. It pairs quite nicely with the pink rug in a matching shape.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

3. Add a pop in an otherwise warm room.

Marina Porter’s colorful bungalow has two bedrooms — one of which relies almost entirely on warmer shades of orange, yellow, and red. This makes the chartreuse on the mirror pop out almost immediately, lending a breath of fresh air to the otherwise warm-toned room. 

Credit: Viv Yapp

4. Display a burst or two through books.

Don’t want to go all-in when it comes to chartreuse? Simply add a chartreuse-hued book to your shelf for a fun pop, which is what Emily did in this U.K. new-build home.

Credit: Andrew Bui

5. Set it against a contrasting backdrop.

The quickest way to make everyone notice the chartreuse in your home is to give it a fitting backdrop. Haley Boyko and her boyfriend, Nick, hung a piece of chartreuse artwork against a red-orange backdrop in the bathroom of their loft, and the contrast makes the color even more eye-catching.

Credit: Erin Derby

6. Showcase it through furniture.

Yes, chartreuse furniture does exist, and it’s amazing. If you want to gravitate away from neutrals for your living room furniture, take a page from this apartment living room crafted by Maitri Mody. The chartreuse chair in a contemporary silhouette stands out in the sea of pink.

Credit: Erin Derby

7. Juxtapose it with other shades of green.

To create some visual interest and a standout color palette, consider partnering a chartreuse piece with other green hues in a space. For instance, in her Connecticut home, Charlotte Smith placed a chartreuse set of drawers in the entryway, which contrasts perfectly with the shades of green in the wallpaper and on the stair railing. 

8. Make it the focal point.

If you’re going to decorate with chartreuse, you might as well not be shy about it. In fact, you can make it the anchoring color that takes center stage in a room. That’s what Anna Liles did in the dining room of her 1973 rental house with this large, yellow-leaning chartreuse rug.

Credit: Retro Jo

9. Consider vintage.

Chartreuse isn’t just trendy now — it was a shade often used in bold vintage interiors, and you can discover bygone chartreuse pieces to display in your home via vintage shops, secondhand stores, and eBay. Just look at how a chartreuse table pops in Jo’s U.K. living room, which is mostly furnished with secondhand pieces. 

10. Pop with a plant.

That’s right — plants can also do the work when weaving chartreuse into a space. Plants like this neon pothos, spotted in this Charleston rental decorated by Grace Atwood, will do the trick if you’re looking to incorporate more green-leaning chartreuse into your space. 

11. Get out the paint.

Have something on hand that could use the chartreuse treatment? Then buy a can of chartreuse paint or spray paint, and give it a bright makeover! Emily Green took a simple cinder block and turned it into a corner chartreuse table in her Australian home.

Credit: Champagne

12. Make built-in bookshelves stand out.

Painting the inside of your built-in bookshelves is the latest trend — especially if they’re builder-grade and could benefit from some visual appeal. Muralist Champagne turned to a captivating chartreuse hue to punch up her built-in shelves, seen in her rental home.