7 of Our Favorite Colorful Houseplants to Brighten Up Any Space

updated Jun 25, 2020
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With sunnier days ahead, we’re all about brightening up our apartments in any way we can, from fresh decor to new plant babies—and since we could all use a little more color right now, we’re on the hunt for plants whose leaves have hues other than green. Even if you can’t make it to your favorite local nursery right now, there are plenty of affordable, online plant shops that will ship you colorful plants right to your doorstep. From traditional succulents to more unusual specimens, we rounded up eight colorful plants that will add some cheer to your home.

Credit: The Sill

Calathea Rattlesnake

The Calathea Rattlesnake is one of our favorite low-maintenance plants. Also known as the prayer plant, it has long wavy green leaves with a deep purple underside that raise and lower depending on the time of day. The reptilian pattern, paired with the low profile Grant vase available in six fun colors, will elevate any living space—and it’s pet-friendly!

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Credit: Plants.com

Red Anthurium

If you’re looking for some serious color pop, this red anthurium is your plant. The red, heart-shaped flowers bloom all year round with the proper care, and when cut can last for up to a month in a vase—talk about a 2-for-1 deal. It’s a tropical plant, so be sure it has lots of sunlight and is placed in a warm environment. Even better? Plants.com is giving AT readers 15% with code APARTMENTPLANTS15.

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Credit: The Sill


Another member of the prayer plant family, the Maranta boasts gorgeous pink veining in its leaves. Native to the forests of Brazil, this plant is an ideal low-light option, as it thrives in medium to bright indirect light and only needs to be watered once every 1-2 weeks. It comes with the colorful Balboa pot for a perfect splash of color in your home.

Buy: Maranta Plant, $40 from The Sill

Credit: Bloomscape

Rubber Plant

Looking for something more traditional? The Ficus Elastica, also known as the Rubber Plant, is a great statement piece with its thick and glossy leaves. The dark green leaves have pink and red variegation, creating spectacular contrast—and paired with the slate pot, this plant is perfect for contemporary decor. Ficus Elastica is also a super easy-to-care-for plant, requiring indirect bright light and plenty of water.

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Credit: The Sill


Who can say no to succulents, especially when they have such pretty coloring? These tiny, adorable succulents are so cute we want more than two. The duo comes with two succulent varieties: the Kalanchoe Flapjack (also called the paddle plant), and the Sempervivum Red Beauty. Both of these drought-tolerant plants are perfect for those of us who, erm, often forget to water our plants. 

Buy: Flapjack Succulent Duo, $45 from The Sill

Nerve Plant

Fittonia, or the nerve plant, is kind of a drama queen—if you neglect to water it, it’ll dramatically wilt until you give it some attention. We love this mini version with its flashy pink and green leaves, found on Etsy for just $15. This plant is considered non-toxic so it’s safe for households with cats and dogs, and it prefers bright indirect light and a warm environment.

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Credit: Plants.com


When it comes to indoor plants, orchids tend to be the crowd favorite. With its exotic flowers and impressive height, it’s easily one of our favorites, too. This pink variety will add brightness to any room, but beware that it can be a little fussy, requiring bright light and good air circulation. And remember that Plants.com is giving AT readers 15% with code APARTMENTPLANTS15!

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