What Colors Go With Orange? Try These Combinations

updated May 10, 2022
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(Image credit: Deborah French Designs)

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In years past (well, since the 70s, anyway), orange was likely not a color you pined for in your home. But that’s not the case anymore! Now, trendy shades of orange are coming back into popularity in a big way, including exciting color combos that can liven up any space (wait till you see orange and navy together!). Indeed, a shade of orange – coral – was featured on Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Report

Don’t write off this cousin of red before you’ve done your homework: orange furniture, paint, or accents can bring the perfect touch of warmth, energy and excitement into your home, if you pair it with the right colors and accents. Here, we’ll show you how to strike the right balance so your space will look interesting and sophisticated rather than over-the-top and shocking (or like it’s off the set of That 70s Show). If you love the color but need a little guidance as to what to pair it with, read on for five of our favorite orange-centric palettes.

Burnt Orange and Teal

If you love burnt orange but you’re looking to lighten it up a bit with something fun and funky, then the orange and teal color combination is for you. Check out these great examples. 

Elegant Armchairs

Two teal armchairs pop against the orange patterned rug in this room by @melissa_boyer_interiors. Just a hint of light blue on the walls brings the look together perfectly. 

Touch of Color

Fort Collins, Colorado resident Danielle (@danielleityourself) desperately wanted to add some pops of color to her living room, so she opted for an orange and teal color base with a new sofa cover. The leather ottoman supplies the orange that serves as the perfect contrast. 

Orange and Gray

Gray is one of the most versatile colors out there, especially when it comes to home design. And the way it works with orange is just… delightful. It’s a combination of a sigh of relief and a jolt of excitement at the same time. 

Shadow and Light

Set against walls painted an ashy shade of gray, this bright orange chair combines with the floral arrangement behind it for the perfect dose of visual interest. 

Orange and Green

Both earthy tones, orange and green work shockingly well together in a home. Here are two examples we can’t get enough of. 

Green Kitchen

Floor to ceiling cabinets in a beautiful emerald green tone are juxtaposed by this dining table set with several shades of orange. On top of that, an orange storage shelf on the wall serves as a space for a few beloved knick-knacks. 

Orange and Green Accents

This Italian-inspired villa is steeped in greenery for a natural vibe. Orange seat cushions on the chairs pull the orange and green look together. 

Orange and Navy

Burnt orange and navy combine for a classic, elegant look that’s hard to beat. There are plenty of examples of this wonderful color combination. Here are three of our favorites. 

Elegant Color Combination

In this home by @azfordesigns, orange and navy are featured in several throw pillows and a dramatic piece of art. Set against a gray backdrop, the colors are beautifully elegant. 

Feel the Funk

In this design by @sazerac_stitches, a funky orange light fixture is installed on top of wallpaper in a fun navy-hued design. The combination creates a cohesive look that can be mirrored in the entire space with the use of accent pieces like throw pillows and wall art. 

Layers of Orange and Blue

This room by @nikkiklughdesign is orange and blue all over. From the rug to the furniture to the throw pillows, the orange and navy color combination is on full display. 

Orange and Black

We know what you’re thinking: orange and black can’t possibly be suitable for anything other than Halloween. We challenge you to think again when you see these two beautiful spaces! 

Modern Bedroom

A bold black suede bed and simplistic decor combine with dramatic burnt orange walls in this modern bedroom by @aloveinteriordesign. Plenty of white elements, like the wall art and the bedside table, serve to lighten the space. 

Art Pop

We love how these ultra-modern chairs pop against the black and white gallery wall in this minimalist living room by @artem_design. It’s such a great way to bring the eye to the art without overpowering it.