This $13 Find Keeps Outdoor Holiday Decorations Up Without Damaging Your Home

published Dec 6, 2023
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House decorated for Christmas in London, UK
Credit: Alexey Fedorenko/Shutterstock

I love decorating for Christmas, but I’m not a fan of extra nail holes. When the twinkle lights, stockings, and ornaments hung in unexpected places go back to storage in January, my home looks as if it has been used as a pincushion. My precious decorations bring me so much joy that this feels mostly worth it, but this year I found a solution that solves this problem forever and keeps my decorations much safer: Command Outdoor Light Clips

What’s So Great About Command Outdoor Light Clips? 

First off, you don’t need a hammer to hang Command Outdoor Light Clips; simply stick them to the wall. That means no loud banging will get in the way of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.” The clips are effortless to install and can be used for indoor and outdoor use, plus the clear design makes them almost invisible when not in use. I plan to leave them up all year, making next year’s decorations even easier to place. 

These clips hold lights, mistletoe, ornaments, and even stockings securely in place, without the expense or risk of falling that comes with heavy standard hooks. Keep in mind that the clips are rated to hold half a pound of weight each, so the stockings will need to move under the tree once they’re full of presents. If you’re using the clips to hang lights, you’ll need one clip for every two feet.

Best of all, Command Outdoor Light Clips are much more secure than a nail, because the clips hold holiday decorations firmly in place. These powerful pieces of plastic are UV- and water-resistant and can withstand temperatures from 20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. I’ve had some of my decorations since childhood, making them both irreplaceable and priceless to me, so this security gives me much peace of mind. 

Credit: Meg Asby

How to Use Command Outdoor Light Clips

Installing these clips is easy, just follow these instructions.

  • Step 1: Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol.
  • Step 2: Attach Command Strips to the clear plastic clip by removing the blue liner and pressing adhesive to it.
  • Step 3: Remove the black liner on the adhesive and press the clip firmly to the (now clean and dry) surface for 30 seconds per clip. 
  • Step 4: Wait one hour before hanging decorations. 

A word of caution: I skipped Step 4, and as a result, everything fell down. I reattached the clips with the extra Command Strips provided, waited patiently for an hour as instructed, and now my decorations have been up for a week without a repeat plummet. Go get yourself a gingerbread latte while you wait; the directions are there for a reason. 

The clips aren’t recommended for use on rough surfaces such as brick, but they easily hold my stockings on a brick mantel. I also use them to corral cord clutter. If you’re a renter, these can be a game-changer, making it easy to hang lightweight decor without putting holes in the wall. 

Credit: Meg Asby

How to Remove Command Outdoor Light Clips

If you don’t want to leave them up all year, simply hold the clip in place and stretch the command strip tab slowly against the wall until the clip releases. You can purchase replacement strips to reuse the clips next year. I made the mistake of cutting the tabs off when I installed the clips, but because I’m leaving them up all year, it’s not a big deal for me. 

I wish I had known about these clips before I made so many holes in my walls, but now I can add to our holiday decor without doing any more damage. Thanks to this affordable purchase, I’ll never hammer a mistletoe nail into my door frame again.

Buy: Command Outdoor Light Clips, $12.99