Stacy Covered Her Rental Countertop With Contact Paper & This Is What Happened

published Oct 6, 2016
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Stacy’s rental bathroom started out just fine. She had white and grey tile floors, a grey-blue wall color, and a white pedestal sink. The bathroom was tiny, but there was a separate counter and mirror from the sink, with plenty of space to store her products. The only trouble was the green countertops, which made the bathroom feel dark and dingy despite it being light everywhere else. So, to glam it up a bit, she covered the whole thing in marble contact paper, which stayed there until the day she moved out.

(Image credit: Boulevard House)

Which Product Did You Use?

I used this Grey Marble Adhesive Film by DC Fix on Amazon

How Much Did You Pay for the Product?

Between $8-12. I ordered one roll.

How Long Did It Take To Install?

It took about 1.5 hours for a small counter and back splash.

Did You Have Any Problems Putting It On Your Surface?

I didn’t! The adhesive stuck well, but was easy enough to pull back up if I needed to get out any bubbles. I did fail to measure my counter correctly, so the contact paper was not as wide as I needed, so it took a little extra time to cut smaller pieces to fill the gaps.

How Did it Look/Feel Right After You Applied It?

It looked and felt great! The seams were hardly noticeable, and everything stayed firmly in place.

How Long Have You Had It Up?

I had it on the counters for about 5 months. I moved a few months ago and had to pull it up then. If I still lived in that house, I’d still have it up.

How Did It Hold Up?

For the time I had it, it held up great. I didn’t have any problems with air bubbles or peeling. It was easy to clean, too!

Would You Use This Again?

I would! Currently, I don’t have a need for this, but it worked well.

Anything Else You’d Like to Add?

It pulled up cleanly when I removed it. As a renter (at least in my experience) I did not have any issues with sticky residue left behind, which made move out very easy.

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Many thanks to Stacy for sharing all her feedback! You can see what else she’s up to these days at Boulevard House.