5 Reasons Why the Elfa Closet System Is Worth the Investment

published Oct 11, 2023
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Elfa closet system in birch
Credit: The Container Store

Customizing your closet is the ultimate form of self-care. You use the space every day, and you’re probably the only person who’s going to see it. A closet redesign is an organization project that is literally just for you (or maybe you and your partner). You deserve it, and Apartment Therapy has already done the research for you: The Container Store’s Elfa Closet System is not only a winner in Apartment Therapy’s first-ever Organization Awards, but it also made the 2019 Best List, too. Here’s what made it such a winner.

Quick Overview

Quick look at Elfa Closet Systems

  • Winner in our 2023 Organization Awards.
  • Infinitely customizable.
  • Works in any room of your home.
  • Free design services.

Elfa is infinitely customizable.

Stick with the classic metal shelving or add wood accents in a variety of shades. The wood options include fully wooden shelves or ventilated metal shelves with wood trim, for people who hate to dust but love the look of wood. You can reconfigure the system at any time, or add custom shelves to your collection as your wardrobe changes. The Container Store offers everything from standard rods and shelves, to accessory trays and gliding pant racks

The system works in any room. 

Elfa works in literally every room in your home, from the garage to the office to the pantry. The system won for custom closet system in the Bedroom & Closet category for the Organization Awards, but it can improve any space.

It won’t come crashing down. 

If you’ve invested in a pair of designer boots, you definitely do not want your shelving system to come crashing down on them. The Elfa Closet system is made of epoxy-bonded steel mounted to a top track. The result is an incredibly strong system that can hold 100 pounds per linear foot. 

You don’t have to do this alone. 

Whether you utilize the virtual build-a-closet Design Center or work with a (real live human!) design consultant, the best part is that The Container Store offers these services for free. Elfa also comes in classic kits, based on standard closet dimensions — just give yourself two or three inches of wiggle room. The 6’ Closet Starter Kit, for example, works best in a 6’3” closet, according to reviewers. 

You are worth it. 

You deserve a hit of dopamine every time you get dressed. Because this space is truly yours, you don’t have to worry about your child’s LEGO creations or your roommate’s craft projects cluttering the space you worked so hard to organize. “Shop” your closet every morning, and start the day knowing you invested in your own joy. 

And, yes, Elfa is an investment. Keep an eye out for frequent sales at The Container Store, because, say, 35% off can make a huge difference in a purchase like this.

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