Notes You Need: Here’s a “Happy Plant” Checklist You Can Copy/Paste to Your Phone

updated May 27, 2020
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Credit: Emojis: Shutterstock, Notes Template: Apple

When life gets overwhelming, it can sometimes feel impossible to remember even the smallest of tasks. Things like laundry, cleaning, and even self care can fall by the wayside when life is uncertain, work is piling up, or both. This is why having access to a go-to list of the things that have to be done daily, weekly, and monthly in order to keep you and your environment healthy and happy is key.

Enter: the Notes app on most iPhones. Turns out, it’s not useful for just recording random things you need to remember or work to-do lists. It’s also good for other types of reminders—like listing the ways in which you should be taking care of your house plants on a regular basis. 

Next time you bring a plant home, do the usual prep steps that you normally would: doing research on the plant itself and what it needs to thrive, making notes of that, and joining any plant-focused Facebook groups for any helpful tips and tricks down the line. Then consult your go-to plant care note throughout the week, month, and year to hold yourself accountable. You’ll never forget to dust your plant’s leaves or rotate its position again.

Here’s a checklist you can copy/paste right into the notes app on your phone. Adjust it as you need to—adding plant care tasks for your jungle’s unique needs, or changing the frequency that things need to happen in your household. After all, every plant is different!

How to Take Care of Your Plants
🌿 plant care schedule 🌿

📅 Every week:

  • Check the soil, water if it feels dry 💧
  • Remove leaves that are dried up or withered 🥀

📅 Every month:

  • Dust the leaves with a damp sponge 🧽 
  • Rotate your plant 💫
  • Give them a shower, if the pot has drainage holes 🚿

📅 Every year, in the spring:

  • Repot your plant, if it needs more room 📏
  • Fertilize it 🌱

You’re going to feel so much better when you see your fabulous, thriving plants day in and day out. It may even make you feel a little bit more like you’re thriving, too—even when it doesn’t always seem that way.