Corey's Converted Barn

Corey's Converted Barn

Laure Joliet
Nov 6, 2009

Name: Corey James Gash
Location: Orange County, California
Size: 700 square feet, plus 220 square feet
Years lived in: 8 months

Corey's the kind of guy that can figure out how to do almost anything. Not only does he love to figure out creative ways to solve problems, but he's really good at it. Case in point, he turned a dilapidated barn into a modern home almost completely on his own using skills he already had plus a little help from Google. And did we mention he only spent $3,600 on the whole renovation and was able to do it green?

The Barn Before!

Our favorite part about talking with Corey and Krista about their home is how excited Corey gets when talking about how he solved issues that came up. The barn was semi functional when they took it over from a friend, but it was not the picture of modern architecture or progressive living. Instead, it needed a lot of work, and with Corey and Krista expecting a baby, they needed a place to live that was really a home.

Clearly a man with a vision, Corey got to work clearing out all the junk and relying on his creativity to get the renovations done and done on the cheap. There was no big crew gutting this place, no plumber, no electrician, just one man. He relied on Google when he wasn't sure how to plumb something or an electrical issue was alluding him.

Plus the whole project was about as green as you can get. Corey relied on junk yards and road side finds for materials and furniture and managed to spend only $3,600 on everything: The dining table is made from an old bowling alley lane and pallette racks, the chairs are from a church sale, the kitchen Jennaire cooktop is from Habitat for Humanity's Restore, the coffee table was found in the back of some guys truck who had picked it up in big bear, the sofa is new but is part of the Nathan Anthony green line of furniture, the TV stand is from a dry cleaner, the handrail on the stairs is made from discarded Gas Station signs, the freplace was a gift from Krista's parents, the carpet and synthetic grass were remnants, the tub was recycled, and the list goes on.

AT Survey:

My style: Honest...ok urban organic but I really like contemporary.

Inspiration: It's a barn let it be.

Favorite Element: Harmony

Biggest Challenge: The bath.

What Friends Say: Usually WOW!

Biggest Embarrassment: none yet

Proudest DIY: Electric and plumbing.

Biggest Indulgence: New fridge and plateware.

Best advice: Learned the first day of jazz band, there aren't any rules!

Dream source: Swapmeets, Habitat…and honestly driving I'm always on the lookout.


Appliances: American express rewards points.

Furniture: Nathan Anthony Envi line (it's green!).

Hardware: Made it myself or found it.

Accessories: Found or made except for our books.

Lighting: Home Depot

Rug and Carpet: Craigslist

Tiles and Stone: stones were from a guy I bought the recycled synthetic turf from.

Artwork: I am a hobby photo guy.

Beds: then I made the rest.

(Thanks, Corey and Krista!)

Photos By Laure Joliet

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