I Finally Got the Costco Kitchen Mats I’ve Spent Months Looking For

published Sep 21, 2023
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When I lived in Florida, much of our house was tiled. It’s a Florida thing. One thing (along with grout lines, shudder) that wasn’t good about the tile was how hard it was to stand on for prolonged periods of time. As the primary cook in our family of two adults and five children, you can imagine how often I’m in the kitchen! My mom used to always express concern about standing on the hard floors for hours a day, and she didn’t think that the slightly soft but mostly decorative mats I had by the sink and near the stove were enough. 

I don’t have tile floors in my new kitchen, but I guess I’m getting old. Because even without the tile, my feet, just like Mom said, are starting to get sore when I’m on my feet for too long. 

I did have kitchen mats, but they were cheap ones that didn’t have much to give. They also drove me absolutely wild because they never stayed put — even when I put sticky rug grippers on the bottom. I was constantly adjusting the mats or feeling frustrated because they were out of place and crumbs would stick to the exposed rug grippers. It was just a mess all around. 

But I’d seen some kitchen mats at my sister’s house that I loved. They were wider and sink-into-it-soft, but supportive and they stayed put. She’d gotten them at Costco, and I decided to get some myself. It took about a month to find them, but once I did, I snapped them up and put them to use. 

Credit: Shifrah Combiths

I honestly get a little excited every time I walk into the kitchen and remember that, yeah, I might be working in the kitchen for the next couple of hours, but at least I get to stand on my nice cushy floor mats! They are anti-fatigue gel mats that have made a noticeable difference in how tired my feet feel. (Mom was right!) They are soft, supportive, and stay put so you don’t have to worry about it slipping, either.

The mats were $25 each and although $75-plus felt like a lot to spend on kitchen mats, I know that it’s possible to spend that much on just one mat! The mats I bought are from the Mon Chateau brand and, unfortunately, don’t appear to be available on Costco’s website or anywhere else at the moment. So my best advice if you want the exact ones I have is to scour your Costco whenever you go. 

However, if you don’t want to try your luck for months at Costco like I did, you can buy this similar floor pad, priced at $19.55 at the time of this writing. Like the Mon Chateau brand, this mat is also made of thick foam and boasts a similar classic basketweave pattern. 

I’d recommend kitchen floor mats to anyone who spends time standing at the sink, stove, or counter. They’re a great addition to the kitchen for making the hardest-working room of the house a great deal more comfortable.