Costco Added a “Dangerously Delicious” 4.5-Pound New Pastry to Their Bakery Section

published Apr 24, 2023
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Redmond, WA, USA - May 16, 2021; Entrance to Costco Wholesale store before opening hours with no people in Redmond Washington State
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I had plans to sit around my house in my pajamas all day today, but thanks to one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @CostcoHotFinds, I’m dressed in real clothes and headed out the door to my local Costco instead. The reason? Three simple words: Peanut. Butter. Pie. Costco’s version of this American classic has begun to hit shelves across the country and I, for one, could not be happier. 

In a previous life, I helped run the pastry program for a restaurant group and catering company, and one of my absolute favorite things to bake were the peanut butter pies. They were one of the most popular items at our bakery and on our restaurant’s dessert menu — and for good reason. Who doesn’t love the combination of salty peanut butter paired with luscious chocolate mousse, all in a perfect slice of pie?

Costco’s version seems to hold true to that classic ideal, with the bonus being that it comes in that epic Costco 12-inch size. It’s got a fluffy peanut butter filling topped with a light and airy chocolate mousse, set inside a graham cracker crust that’s equipped with more peanut butter filling decoratively piped around the edges. The price for this 4.5-pound treat? Much like many other recent re-releases from the brand, the price is a little on the higher side at $19.99. But considering how “dangerously delicious” it’s said to be (not to mention the size!), it just may be worth the price.

Costco’s pies have somewhat of a cult following, and that too is for good reason. Their pumpkin pie recipe is so good, it hasn’t changed for more than 30 years and each holiday season, shoppers flock to Costco bakery sections for holiday releases like pecan pie and pumpkin cheesecake. When you factor in all of Costco’s other dessert offerings, like the chocolate chip cookies some folks are calling a Tate’s “dupe”, the shop really does seem like sweet tooth heaven. 

No word on whether or not this new peanut butter pie is a limited-time offering or here to stay, so meet me in the bakery aisle at Costco as we stock up — one for now, two or three for the freezer.

This post originally appeared on The Kitchn. See it there: Costco Added a New Pastry to the Bakery Section and It’s “Dangerously Delicious”