The “Beautiful” $40 Costco Plant Find Shoppers Are Buying 2 of at a Time

published Mar 26, 2024
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Credit: Juan Llauro/Shutterstock

Spring is in full bloom in many spots across the country — including Costco warehouses! Spotted by Laura from the Costco Hot Finds Instagram account on March 23, Costco just rolled out a huge stock of beautiful braided hibiscus trees that look just as beautiful when they’re not in bloom, thanks to their intricately braided trunks. And you can grab one for your home or patio for under $40.

“Costco just brought out braided hibiscus trees to the warehouse I was in today in Dallas,” Laura said in her video. “These are about four gallons and they were just starting to bloom. They were so beautiful. We bought a few last year and they were gorgeous all summer long.”

“Ooo this would be a lovely gift for a housewarming,” one person commented on Laura’s post. Another said, “These do super well in Arizona! They get really big and bloom a couple times a year.”

Hibiscus trees are a tropical plant, so that means they love hot weather and a lot of sun. They can be planted outside in warmer climates (especially if you live in zones 9 through 11), but in cooler climates it’s best to keep your hibiscus planted in a pot so you can bring your trees inside during the winter.

Potted braided hibiscus trees can grow up to eight feet tall if repotted in a large enough pot. And when planted outside, they can grow even taller. Make sure your plant’s soil stays moist, but not waterlogged, no matter its location — you may even end up with flowers all winter long, as one person commented on Laura’s post.

“I bought one for my wife a few years ago. We put it outside every year but it never produces flowers,” they wrote. “Before the frost sets in, we bring it inside, set it in front of a full glass door, and it flowers all winter inside the house. It’s happier inside than outside in the natural environment.”

Pick up one of these braided hibiscus trees to add a pop of lushness and color to your patio or indoor plant collection and treat yourself to both gorgeous blooms and impressive braids.