5 Overlooked Plants That Can Survive The Dark (Almost)

5 Overlooked Plants That Can Survive The Dark (Almost)

Laure Joliet
Sep 1, 2016

It's been years now that our dear Abby has thought she had a black thumb just because every time we gave her a plant, even if it is a very hearty plant, she seemed to kill it. But one step into Abby's magnificent home will reveal that it's not her fault! Her apartment just doesn't get enough light for the plants she wants to grow.

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So if you're in a similar position, feeling that you have no luck with plants, don't worry. It's pretty hard to grow plants in the dark, but you'll increase your odds if you pick plants that don't need much light. You will be sad if you try to grow succulents in the dark. Also, we tried to pick plants that don't remind you of the doctor's office or, really, any office for that matter. If you're looking for more common house plants, try this post about hard to kill houseplants.

5 Interesting Low Light Plants:

Maidenhair Ferns are a great option because they have frilly fun leaves that vary from the usual thick leaves of indoor plants. Most Ferns do well inside with low light (and ferns look great in terrariums) so check out others like Silver Lace Fern with variegated leaves.
Begonias: These plants offer a wide range of leaf colors and shapes and if you get a Rex Begonia, it will live quite happily without any direct light. Just make sure you don't overwater it. Soak it and let it dry out, soak and dry.
Mint: Mint will normally grow in a bog, so as long as you keep it moist and it gets a little bit of light, you should be able to harvest mint for tea, for fruit salads and it has the added advantage of giving off a nice scent indoors.
Swedish Ivy: This plant has an old fashioned look that sort of reminds us of gramma, but consider a new way to grow it, like as a part of a vertical garden.
A Moss Terrarium: If you seriously have very little light, consider creating a terrarium of moss. It just needs moisture and glances of light, position it near a window where it will get bounced light and it should thrive. If you don't know where to start, consider a kit to get you going.

(Images: Fern Terrarium from Eddie Ross, Maidenhair Fern from Gifts Alive, Rex Begonia by Laure Joliet, Moss Terrarium from Warm Country Meadows, Mint from Sandy Austin licensed under Creative Commons)

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