Costco Has Huge Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees for Sale Right Now

published Aug 9, 2023
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Credit: Alastair Wallace

If you’ve recently added a fiddle leaf fig to your houseplant wishlist, then you need to get to Costco ASAP. The warehouse store just got a bunch of enormous fiddle leaf fig trees that have already been cultivated to an impressive size. And the best part is, they’re under $60 each.

“I walked into Costco today, and a truck must have just dropped off dozens of these gigantic fiddle leaf fig plants,” Laura from the @costcohotfinds Instagram account said in a recent video. “They were in six-and-a-half-gallon containers and stood about five-and-a-half feet tall. I just need someone to help me keep one alive. These are beautiful.” 

She placed a hand on one of the leaves, and the leaves are massive in comparison. And you can’t deny that $52.99 is a steal for the size of these trees.

“Extremely good deal!” one person commented on her post. “That size would easily cost at least $200!!!” In fact, online plant shops have smaller fiddle leaf figs for about $100, so if your Costco has these in stock, definitely buy one (or two!).

And lucky for Laura and anyone else who struggles with foliage, fiddle leaf figs are pretty easy to care for. As one person explained in the comments, “Give it a name! Put by a window and water once a week! Enjoy!”

“Those need lots of sunlight,” another person wrote. “If you don’t have good windows with enough direct light is going to be a struggle. The more light, the more water. Less light, less amount of water.”

Call your local Costco ahead of time to see if the fiddle leaf figs are in stock, or head over to grab one before they’re gone.