Costco Is Selling a Massive Palm Tree Right Now for Just $30

published Apr 13, 2023
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No need to book a tropical getaway — Costco is bringing the getaway to you. Right now, the store is selling a massive 14-foot queen palm tree for just under $30, which means you can get several and build your very own backyard oasis.

The queen palm is native to South America and is an ornamental garden tree. It can grow up to 50 feet tall if planted in the right area, with canopies potentially sprawling to 25 feet wide. They obviously grow best outdoors in warmer climates, but you can also keep your queen palm in a large pot indoors if you’re looking to bring the tropics inside.

“Even with a 7-seater SUV, there was no way I could fit this in my car,” a poster on the r/Costco Reddit wrote. “Unfortunately, I had to leave it behind.”

Others were also wondering the same thing — how exactly are you supposed to bring this thing home? One person commented, “I think [you] would have to lay all the seats and stick it through the passenger window.” Another suggested renting a UHaul (you are only dropping $30 on the tree, after all).

“Doesn’t matter,” another person responded. “I could kill it in the parking lot before I even got it to my vehicle.”

If you’ve been pining over owning a palm tree for years, now is definitely the time to head to Costco to see if your location has this beautiful queen palm in stock. It may only be available in warmer states, but cross your fingers and hope for the best if you live in northern locations. You might just strike gold.