The Cozy Accessory Real Estate Pros Say You Need in Your Yard This Spring

published Mar 6, 2023
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When you think of your ideal yard, a few different images probably come to mind. Maybe you’re someone who likes to visualize your outdoor space as an extension of your home, and therefore your picture-perfect landscape is filled with all the creature comforts you find indoors. Or perhaps you’re someone who views your landscape as a source of nourishment and support for native flora and fauna, therefore your ideal outdoor oasis is filled with plants and pollinators. 

No matter what your perfect outdoor space looks like, there’s one thing that the real estate experts I spoke to say you absolutely need to include: a fire pit. Here’s why they say the toasty accessory is a must this spring.

They’re easy to add almost anywhere.

It doesn’t matter if your yard is a sprawling and expansive scene of rolling hills or a few dozen square feet of inner city paradise. Amber Dolle, a real estate specialist with KW VIP Properties, says a fire pit can transform any yard into a gathering spot. “I’m in California where we typically have year-round good weather, but I moved all over when I was growing up. In other places, the minute you can sit outside comfortably, everyone is out there,” she says.

“Sometimes you can easily make one by digging up grass and putting some stones in a circle to safely burn wood,” Dolle continues. “Others can be built in and have a gas line to light fires. Or you can buy a more portable one at the store, but whichever one you choose, this is a great addition to home.” 

They can extend your outdoor time.

In areas where spring can still feel a whole lot like winter, a fire pit can allow you to start enjoying the great outdoors a bit sooner. “In the Northeast, fire pits and patio heaters still are popular, especially during the spring and fall,” explains Jonathan Lerner, a licensed broker and owner of Five Corners Properties. Add a few games into the mix — Lerner loves an old fashioned hook and ring toss game — and you can get a jump start on summer fun.

They have a high ROI.

You may be surprised to learn that adding a fire pit to your backyard can actually help you when it comes time to list your property. “Not only is it a great gathering place for friends and family, but it can also add an extra touch of style and sophistication to your backyard,” explains Humberto Marquez, a licensed real estate broker with “Plus, it’s a feature that potential buyers will love when it comes time to sell your home.”

Potential buyers love fire pits so much in fact, that they’ll get you an estimated 500 percent return on your investment. It’s no wonder so many agents suggest adding them to your yard.