This Incredibly Versatile $11 Amazon Find Can Be Used for Cooking, Cleaning, and Organizing (Yes, Seriously!)

published Apr 19, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Whenever I go to a cookout that’s not in someone’s backyard, we inevitably have to improvise something on our table setup. No matter how much we plan ahead, there is always something we forget or didn’t realize we needed, so we end up using paper plates as cutting boards, tote bags as recycling receptacles, and to keep drinks cool we just stick them in the store-bought ice bag.

But the days of clumsy cookout solutions may be over: I just found this collapsible multipurpose device that functions as a cutting board, cooler, storage basket, and washing bin for clothes or dishes — and it only costs $11. This versatile tool comes in handy when you’re at home and when you’re out, and because it folds completely flat, it’s easy to stow away wherever you need it to. This thing has so many uses, you might want to get multiples to keep in different rooms, as well as in your car. Seriously, it’s helpful everywhere!

When it’s expanded, this bin is about 16 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 6 inches tall. That gives you 2 gallons of carrying capacity, which is enough to hold a small party’s worth of drinks, a sink full of dishes, or a generous collection of chip and snack bags. But once you fold the bucket down flat, it’s just 1.5 inches tall — which means you can easily store it in-between appliances on your kitchen counters, under your sink, next to your washer or dryer, or in the trunk of your car.

Because the bottom of this tool is made out of hard and durable plastic, it’s safe to use as a cutting board and easy to wash when you’re done. That means you can use the bin to carry drinks and condiments to your picnicking area, flatten it into a cutting board to carve up, say, an entire watermelon, then pop it back up into a bucket to carry the watermelon rinds to the dumpster.

Credit: Amazon

In addition to all the outdoor uses, this bucket is a convenient spot to collect dishes — and prevent them from filling up your sink — when you have a dinner party. In the laundry room it can become a small tub for hand-washing delicate clothes or function as a compact bin for transporting clothes from the dryer. Plus, the next time you need to mop your floors, this general-purpose bucket is there for you.

Amazon shoppers confirm that this multifunctional tool delivers. One reviewer who bought it as a dish-washing bin for their kitchen sink quickly realized how helpful it is outside of the kitchen. “I find all kinds of uses for this,” they wrote. “It comes outside with me to pick veggies from the garden, it’s great for washing potatoes, corn, carrots, green beans, etc. We’ve taken it with us when we go camping because it doesn’t need much space. And it’s very durable. This is my new favorite multipurpose item.”

Pick up this all-in-one device now and discover all the ways it will come in handy this summer. Once you get it home, we’re sure you’ll find more uses for it than even we could imagine.