8 Unexpected & Creative Ways to Store All Your Shoes

published Feb 25, 2018
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(Image credit: Kyle Knodell/Paddle8)

Do you have too many pairs of shoes? It was a trick question! Of course you don’t! You just have to get a little more creative with how you store them. Part of this creative process is deciding whether you want to hide or display your footwear. For example, I have some amazing pairs of shoes that I love showing off, but then there are the dirty sneakers, the old Teva sandals, and the “too-loved” everyday flats that don’t need to be celebrated. They have their moments and those moments are when my outfit is doing the heavy lifting so you barely notice what’s on my feet. Or I’m underwater (hello, Tevas). Either way, there are fun, easy, resourceful ways to keep it all under control that doesn’t involve the usual suspects.

(Image credit: Anita Shriver)

If you have a great bookcase or an interesting shelving situation, don’t be afraid to display your shoes on it. I use this vintage door with the slats cut to create shelves (shown above) and it works perfectly to keep my footwear by the door. It’s the artsy version of an entryway shoe rack.

Document storage boxes are not just for those tax returns you don’t want to look at! These boxes are the perfect size to fit flats and sandals. Buy a bunch in one color and your footwear collection is immediately wrangled in a way that would make even Marie Condo’s heart rate, as seen here in a photo from HGTV. Many of these boxes have label windows so you can either write a quick description of the shoes or snap a Polaroid and attach it to the front. Shoe inventory heaven!

(Image credit: Wayfair)

If you’re short on closet space, a freestanding cabinet with doors is a great option. Find one that doesn’t scream, “I’m hiding winter boots”, but says, “I’m mysterious and it will take at least three dates to unleash my secrets.” The Jamar Shore Storage Cabinet from Wayfair ($154) is a nice example of an inconspicuous option, that also happens to hold 24 pairs of shoes.

Using a ladder is a great storage option if you want to casually display some of your favorite pumps. It’s fun and easy to rotate. Lean it near a corner that isn’t quite right for a dresser or table because it has a much smaller footprint, and BONUS it also works as wall art! A rugged galvanized steel option like this one spotted on Design*Sponge is a nice juxtaposition to your flirty heels.

(Image credit: Skona Hem)

Why not use the place where you put your feet up to house some of your kicks? While a coffee table or ottoman like the one here from Skona Hem is a bit unconventional, hey, when you’re lacking space, you’ve gotta get creative!

Having an upholstered bench at the end of the bed is such a luxury. It makes me feel like I’m in a hotel. You know what makes it better? Secret storage. Pop it open to pick out a pair, then pop that lid down to sit comfortably and put those bad boys on.

Interior designer Michelle Smith shared her stunning New York home with One Kings Lane and you’ll want to take notes. Of course, we don’t all have an unused closet in our living rooms, but if your shoe collection is worth writing home about, you might want to consider sacrificing a narrow space like this in your home. Bonus points if you paint the inside a marvelous shade of blue.

(Image credit: Kyle Knodell/Paddle8)

The home of retail executive Brooke Cundiff is full of eye-popping design moments, but one of the most notable is this curio cabinet-turned shoe storage. See the rest of the home she shares with her partner Michael Hainey at Paddle8.

If all else fails, take inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw…and put your extra shoes in the oven.