This Living Room Feature Is Actually the Perfect Spot for Displaying Plants

published Oct 30, 2021
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Credit: Jason Rampe

When it comes to plant care, there are two main things to be mindful of: watering and light placement. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in or the seasonal weather you’re experiencing, your plants are going to need some level of sunlight. Whether you have just a couple of plants or 50+ in your home, they need to be in a spot where they can thrive. So if you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone — and actually keep your plant babies alive — then you might want to ditch your window curtains and embrace the hanging hardware for your sun-loving plants instead. That’s exactly what Celia and her partner, Sean, did in their 760-square-foot apartment in Harlem, New York, and it’s a genius move, if you ask me.

Celia and Sean love their airy, open floor plan. “And we’ve been able to distinguish the spaces by dividing each area with unique and bold styling elements,” Celia says. One such bold styling choice the couple made in their living room in particular is right above the window. The large window lets in so much natural light, so Celia decided to embrace it. Instead of hanging curtains from the rod, she hung a variety of houseplants from unique, woven hangers. The rod basically spans the whole wall, creating a dramatic display that still lets the sunlight in while adding tons of visual interest to the living room.

Credit: Jason Rampe

Another big bonus tot his idea? It takes up zero floor space. Lots of plant parents are fond of hanging their plants in order to avoid adding any extra tables, shelves, or racks to house their plants. You might even have a curtain rod already up in your place where you can try this idea out now without even picking up tools. Opting for this particular plant-hanging option will also make it much easy to take care of all your plants. Each plant hanging on the rod will get guaranteed time basking in front of the sun, and watering will be that much easier because all your babies will be clustered together. If you want a large, striking display like this, you probably should go curtain-less like Celia did, but you could also hang a plant or two in between your curtains if you want the best of both worlds.

Owning plants is all about bringing life and beauty into your home. This hack lets you put your favorite plants (and planters!) on display in a way that works for you and your plants. When it comes to personalizing your home, Celia’s go-to (and best) piece of advice is to do what feels good to you, even if you’re in a temporary space. “Renters, don’t be afraid to make changes,” she says. Of course, her parting words have to do directly with plants: “A space is never complete without a plant or two!” she says.