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48 of the Best Gifts for Plant Lovers and Green Thumbs

updated Dec 5, 2022
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Shopping for a friend, family member, or loved one who posts more plant #shelfies than selfies? Or someone who might not necessarily have a green thumb but insists that buying more plants is the key to happiness? If you’re looking for a gift for that plant-obsessed person in your life, finding the exact right thing can feel a bit daunting — especially if you yourself don’t know the difference between an annual and a perennial. But don’t worry: We’re here to help you navigate the wide world of the internet to find the perfect botanically inspired gifts for all of the plant people on your list. From low-budget accessories to splurge-worthy home decor, there are plenty of gift options out there that are sure to delight your favorite plant fanatic. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, a housewarming, a holiday, or any other occasion worth celebrating, the ideas below are green-thumb winners.

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From our partner

The gardener in your life will be elated to whip out this smart folding stool when they need to take a load off between weeding, pruning, sowing, and seeding. It even comes with a set of five tools, along with a handy place to hang them under the seat.

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Lula's Garden

Receiving this gorgeous array of succulents will bring a smile to anyone's face, especially a plant fanatic. The Lush Garden measures approximately 12" x 7.5" x 6", every inch filled with plants that will stay beautiful much longer than cut flowers.

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Every gardener needs a good hat to protect them from the sun. Snag this lightweight, cotton bucket hat for your favorite green thumb, and they'll be ready to spend hours weeding and planting. Not only does it contain UPF 50 sun protection and an oversized brim, it also includes a drawstring to ensure a secure fit.

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With this editor-recommended find, your favorite gardener can enjoy lots of time outdoors without becoming a mosquito magnet. In fact, the Thermacell rechargeable device repels these garden pests, giving your giftee a bug-free zone in which to safely weed and water.

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was $105.00

The Tough Stuff trio is perfect for the plant lover whose plants don't exactly love them back. Each set comes with a Sansevieria, ZZ Plant, and Hoya variety, all of which are extremely low maintenance and adapt easily to many environments. Choose between three chic colors for the pots and saucers.

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You can always count on Nordstrom for home finds that are chic and stylish. Case in point: this rustic-looking striated stoneware pot. It's finished with a milky glaze, giving it a rustic sheen that will look great holding your loved one's greenery.

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If you know someone who lives in a space without many windows, this hanging window plant shelf from Etsy is a great way to add greenery without blocking out the light. It comes with five different mounting and hanging options, so it'll work for nearly any setup.

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The gift that keeps on giving? A plant subscription from House Plant Box! Each month, your giftee will receive a selection of plants that are of the season, like herbs in the spring and indoor plants in the winter. Not into the seasonal thing? House Plant Box offers all sorts of subscription options, including pet-friendly plants, succulents, and more.

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West Elm

West Elm is a harbinger of style, so no matter what gift you choose from this editor-favorite retailer, it's bound to look fantastic in its new home. We particularly love these tabletop ceramic planters, which come in a host of elegant hues like gray, terracotta, white, black, and more. And at this affordable price, why not gift two?

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These cheerful planter sleeves make old pottery and vases new again. Your plant-loving friend can slip them over the pieces they already have to bring a whole new vibe to their space. Each set comes with two sleeves (one medium, one small), and they're available in four colorful motifs.

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From cacti to monstera, these plastic wine "glasses" from Tossware showcase plant-inspired illustrations that any green thumb will love. Since they claim to be unbreakable, this set of six is perfect for clumsy friends or giftees with pools (glassware and pools don't mix). And you can't beat the price point!

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Whether you're shopping for an experienced gardener or someone who's just testing out their green thumb, this "Houseplant Handbook" will be much appreciated. Along with beautiful color photos, this must-have resource offers tips for watering, feeding, propagating, and other plant-related processes for more than 300 species.

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These adorable trivets are inspired by the lush leaves of the Monstera, bringing a fun, jungle-like vibe into the kitchen. Crafted from high-quality silicone, these babies are designed to handle temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. And since they're pliable, your giftee can use them as potholders or for opening tight jars, too.

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Paint-by-number kits offer a two-in-one gift: a relaxing activity to pass the time and a piece of art to display. This tropical flowers print feels like a colorful representation of every plant parent's dream and comes with all the supplies they'll need (think: a canvas, brushes, and paints) to channel their inner Picasso.

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Urban Outfitters

Between potting, watering, and pruning, your plant-owning pal might need a break. Give them the gift of relaxation with this colorful flower print throw. It's so soft that it's almost impossible to resist a nap underneath.

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Okay, cool kids, step to the side: We’ve got a dad hat coming through. This “Plant Parent” dad hat is perfect for people who need everyone to know they’ve got thriving plants at home.

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Finally, a shopping tote worthy of all the plant care supplies that it will surely hold! This cotton canvas bag makes carrying shovels, spades, and other tools easy and convenient. The adorable design is also available on a coffee mug if you want to deck out your recipient in plant goodness.

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was $13.90

Colorful gardening gloves make a great affordable gift. These babies have ultra-practical touch-screen-compatible fingertips, so your pal won't have to take them off to answer a text or snap a pic of their prized blooms.

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If your recipient loves to be surrounded by plants 24/7, why not deck out their bar cart or coffee table, too? These resin coasters are filled with dried blooms and greens and covered in gold flakes for a glam take on happy hour.

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Uncommon Goods

Part candle, part work of art, this charming wax design is great for the plant parent who loves to decorate with greens as much as they like to grow them. Hand-poured in Canada with wax that's scented with pine and vanilla, all parts of this candle will burn down with use, eventually creating a marbled, swirly scene.

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Gorgeous palm fronds decorate this customizable notebook that you can have personalized with your plant-loving pal's name. Serious gardeners can fill the pages with growth, bloom times, and other stats; not-so-serious gardeners can make use of it for doodles or notes. It's available in both hardcover and softcover.

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was $27.96

For the plant parent who just can't quit buying, there's this shirt. With a witty "Just One More" slogan emblazoned on the front, it's a fun nod to their insatiable obsession with all things green.

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Any plant person knows how important it is to use containers with good drainage. These stacking planters from Areaware come in white stoneware and terracotta, and they have the saucer hidden in the bottom for discreet, easy drainage.

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The Sill
was $96.00

Philodendrons are some of the most forgiving houseplants out there, making them perfect for plant newbies. This one comes in a pretty planter that's available in three styles and 18 colors, making it appealing to seasoned plant collectors, too.

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Enamel pins are the perfect tiny "just because" gift, but they can also make a fantastic add-on for a larger present. This one will put your pal's plant parent pride front and center.

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Know someone who adores their Swiss Cheese Plant so much they’d like to embroider it on everything? This Monstera Needle Felting Kit is great for beginners in flat needle felting and comes with step-by-step instructions and links to how-to videos. It should take around five hours to complete — the perfect activity to go along with bingeing Netflix’s "The Big Flower Fight," perhaps?

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Always Fits
was $16.95

Know a gardener who appreciates a little snark? Then they'll absolutely love this dish towel that celebrates some of nature's most outrageously named plants. It'll give your loved one a laugh every time they do the dishes!

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There are a lot of propagation stations out there, but this one is seriously cool. Not sure if your friend knows how to propagate? No problem. Each kit comes with step-by-step instructions, rooting hormone, a glass tube, and an incredibly cool concrete terrazzo stand. Happy plant multiplying!

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Click & Grow
was $99.95

For the plant person who also appreciates some cool technology, the Smart Garden 3 is an excellent option. This indoor garden basically takes care of itself (and you can follow along via an app), leaving your giftee to enjoy the fresh herbs and produce (like basil, mini tomatoes, and wild strawberries).

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Rifle Paper Co.

Stationery sets are solid, go-to gifts, so give your plant-obsessed friend this botanical stationery set from Rifle Paper Co. Each set comes with 12 flat notes and envelopes and boasts three different botanical designs.

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Sending gifts long distance? Try these adorable enamel keychains, which come in eight different styles, including a potted rubber tree, alocasia, monstera, and this pilea. Bonus: You can mail one of these keychains in a standard envelope for the cost of a couple of stamps.

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With notes of "California fig, ivy greens, and summer dew," this soy wax candle will provide 55 plant-scented hours of burn time.

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Succulent Box
was $39.99

There's always room for another succulent, especially one so cutely packaged. The gift box comes with an air plant and stand, a succulent and container, stickers, and your choice of a greeting card (birthday, thank you, congratulations, Mother’s/Father’s Day, or blank).

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was $164.95

For the person who's always admiring your garden, why not gift them one of their own? With room for six grow pods and a full height of 12", AeroGarden's most popular indoor garden can introduce anyone to the joys of growing their own food. The easy, automatic reminders for water and plant food are practically foolproof.

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was $35.00

A subtler nod to the plant-obsessed person in your life, this unique geometric plant pillow from Society6 includes a double-sided print and a faux down pillow insert. Each pillow is cut and sewn by hand, giving your loved one a thoughtful place to rest their head for a nap (while visions of sugar-sweet plants dance in their head).

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For the plant lover who has it all but nowhere to put it, try a handsome garden tote. This one has side pockets and elastic bands to keep tools in place, plus lots of room in a big inner compartment for gloves, fertilizer, plant markers, and anything else they need. It also comes stocked with three steel hand tools: a planting trowel, a digging trowel, and a cultivator.

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Help someone take their love of houseplants to the next level: self-sufficient gardening. The Masterclass annual membership has become a beloved gift for many, as there are so many unique skills to learn — gardening being one of them. Ron Finley, also known as the "Gangster Gardener,” has a 10-class series that covers everything from garden creativity to growing your own food.

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The Sill

There is something sacred about a preserved plant. After all, the plant parent in your life might enjoy receiving something they can simply admire and not have to care for. This Preserved Fern Kokedama from The Sill has been naturally preserved, and the greenery is seriously impressive.

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These little seedling-shaped bookmarks are the definition of cute. They're a fun gift for a friend or coworker whose love for plants is matched only by their love for books.

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was $75.00

Finding a chic watering can is harder than you would think. This beautiful copper watering can from Rejuvenation is truly a work of art that could sit on a shelf and just look pretty, but it's made of durable solid brass, so it's also actually usable.

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Snake plants are one of the easiest plants around, making them a great gift for anyone just getting started on their horticultural journey. This moonshine variety has a gorgeous blue-gray cast that will appeal to experienced plant parents, too.

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An ultra-zoomed-in view of a monstera gives this beautiful piece of wall art a fresh spin on a classic design. It's available in six color palettes — plus 12 frames (some priced at a premium) — to suit a range of decor styles.

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Whether your recipient prefers to putter around the garden, tend to a potted balcony plant, or futz with their indoor display, they'll need a set of tools. This one features the essentials — pruners, a hand trowel, and a hand rake — in a pretty watercolor-like print.

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For anyone who likes to get down and dirty with their plants — indoors or out — an apron is a must. This one has lots of functional pockets and a sturdy canvas construction.

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Even the brownest of thumbs can enjoy a faux plant — in this case, in the form of a card game suited for two to four players. Collect (card) plants, care for them with (card) water and humidity, and try to fill your indoor oasis with as many flourishing plant babies as you can.

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Lively Root

All of the preceding gift ideas can be given year-round, but this live succulent wreath is perfect for the holiday season. As you can tell by its name, the wreath is made from real succulent rosettes and will last your friend years. It's low-maintenance and looks different from any other Christmas wreath out there. Your giftee's door will undoubtedly be the most original one on the block!

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World Market

With gardening, pollination is the name of the game. This set of three so-called lollipops will attract bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies to the yard after they're securely planted in the ground. Each stick contains different flower seeds that'll fall off and germinate on their own, resulting in the growth of beautiful blossoms that attract wanted wildlife. And their packaging is adorable!

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Ballard Designs
was $119.00

If your plant-lover has a soft spot for flora, it's not a far cry to assume that they appreciate various fauna, as well. Getting them this quaint bird feeder will help attract winged visitors to the garden and fill it with pleasant songs. The feeder has six little perches and is made of glass and sturdy black iron that won't rust. It'll match well with any wrought iron gates and fixtures.