This Small Space-Friendly Espresso Maker Gives Me the Full Barista Experience, Without the Bulk

published Jul 17, 2022
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Credit: Kevin Cortez

I can’t start my day without a piping hot cup of coffee. It’s cliche, sure, but caffeine needs to pump through my system if I’m to get anything done — especially while I’m working remotely and so close to my bedroom. But let’s face it: Sometimes coffee can’t cut it. Some days, I need a little extra oomph in my morning routine, with a smidgen of craftsmanship, topped with hot, frothy milk. That’s where espresso comes in. And while I love a quick trip to the coffee shop, my small espresso machine mimics that experience at home when I feel lazy and want to save money

Most espresso makers are giant, chromed-out counter hogs and can be pretty pricey depending on the machine’s added bells and whistles. The one I have from Cyetus is perfect for me and my kitchen space. It’s smaller than my Hamilton Beach coffee maker, can pull two espresso shots at once, and has a built-in steam wand that’s never invasive of my counter space. The Cyetus Espresso Maker Space Saver is shorter and smaller than a Keurig K-Mini or K-Slim, yet it offers a similar level of convenience and a way better taste than I’ve experienced with Nespresso or Keurig appliances. At $250 (currently on sale for just under $150), it’s a super impressive machine for what it can do.

On the days I feel like using it, I grind some espresso beans and pack its portafilter — that’s the ice cream scoop-like piece you cram with espresso grounds — to the brim. Then, with a stamper (included with the machine, by the way), I pound it flat into a puck, attach it to the device, power it on, and wait less than 30 seconds for the machine to warm up and brew me two shots of espresso. It’s that simple. 

Credit: Kevin Cortez

Despite its small size, the flavor is there — this thing uses 15 bars of pressure to produce a thick layer of crema on top of its shots, and it never gives me a burnt, flat taste. When the machine is low on water, I remove its detachable reservoir, take it to my sink, and fill it up. Its tank holds just over one liter of water, so I’m only filling it about once a week. I can even use it to make hot water, as the lever on its right side dispenses it through the machine’s steam wand. That wand can also steam up frothy, hot milk with a quick switch. The appliance comes with a small handy steaming pitcher to help me make beautiful cappuccinos and lattes at home without a professional barista’s assistance.

Credit: Kevin Cortez

Making espresso at home is messy, but the machine’s packed with extra accessories and features to make cleaning a cinch. Its drip tray is removable, catches excess or overflow, and is dishwasher safe. The appliance also comes with a coffee scoop, microfiber towel, a cute apron, a silicone mat for compact storage, and a hefty stamper.

For the price, this machine is the perfect starter kit for making lattes, cappuccinos, and americanos at home and without demanding much counter space. It’s so easy and low maintenance that a child can use it. And on those days I just don’t feel like leaving the house, it’s worth skipping that trip to the coffee shop.