It’s Sagittarius Season: Here’s Your December Home Horoscope

updated Jul 16, 2020
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Bigger, bolder, faster, brighter. December’s cosmic climate sends us speeding into Sagittarius energies, and the zodiac’s megawatt My-Little-Pony invites us to embrace the wild, wide open roads before us. Think voyages of all flavors, dancing ’til the break of dawn, and reinvesting in the radical, luck-be-a-lady faith that life is absolutely on your side. So roll the dice and pack up your rollerboards for flights far beyond the known.

Below, your sign-by-sign guide to the stars and your interstellar interiors.

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In the Stars: As the Sun ignites your zone of brand new philosophies and over-the-top exploration, it’s open season on everything you thought you knew. Keep it buoyant and flexible and let yourself collide with the world on its terms, knowing that everything is unfolding at exactly the right speed.

In Your Space: Crack open your space by purging any heavy curtains, scrubbing up on those windows, and loving up on some saturated colors and Pop Art patterns. Exotic throws, framed inspo phrases, red polka dots, and even circus-tent-style infusions.

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In the Stars: The Sun sidles into your deep dark zone of intimate encounters, and coupled with Sagittarius energy, this is your moment to get fierce and feral with your carnal cravings. Don’t hold back from your lusty side!

In Your Space: Animal prints. Black lights. Whatever makes your space feel like a den of primal passion. If you’re not ready to go full-throttle, start with some leather fabrics and smoky sweet candles like sandalwood.

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In the Stars: With the Sag Sun stepping into your house of relating, this is a serious month for you to reevaluate what you thought was true, speak out boldly, and be ready to reveal whatever you’ve been holding back from partners.

In Your Space: Draw inspo from white kitchens and breezy beachfront bungalows with nothing to hide. Conch shells, driftwood, clean linen, and clear sight lines.

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In the Stars: Sporty spice! With the Sag Sun emphasizing your zone of embodied practice, it’s prime time for working those muscles and letting newfound trust in your physical strength light up the rest of your life accordingly.

In Your Space: Draw inspiration from ’80s workout videos and deck out your space with neon accents and “Memphis” style furniture pieces. Organize your sneakers in a shoe rack, and make sure to leave plenty of open space for your home yoga practice and impromptu dance parties.

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In the Stars: With the Sun igniting your natural zone of play and glitter-tastic romance, this is your month to enjoy some juicy excess that lets you fully celebrate your creative force. Relish the warmth of your own glow but make sure not to burn the house down!

In Your Space: ‘70s disco inspo. Whatever you think is “too much,” go there. Deck out your space for a permanent party and then some with sequined fabrics, rainbow lights, zebra prints, and crystal goblets.

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In the Stars: With the Sun in your rooted emo zone of security, it’s time to retreat, review, and take pleasure in a bit of self protection. Trust that you’ll know exactly when to return to the outside world.

In Your Space: Get back to basics with a Marie Kondo purge and let that sense of coming clean really inform what remains. Tuck unused items into beautiful storage devices, and invite in only the creature comforts that make you feel completely contained. Think hammock chairs, spiced candles, and clean counters.

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In the Stars: With the Sun lighting up your zone of communication and shifting perceptions, it’s a month to play around with your beliefs and see where you’ve become “stuck” in your perspective. Sacrifice some of your more rigid standards for a sense of joyous curiosity.

In Your Space: Find inspo in flea market finds and on-the-road accents that reveal all of the versions of interior chic that exist. Mix, match, and even clash. Finger paint on a wall. Experiment with what you think is in “bad taste” and let this teach you about the vast array of options available when you move beyond the classics.

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In the Stars: The Sag Sun activates your zone of pleasure, worth, and value, and it’s a gorgeous month for returning to exactly what feels good in your body, banishing scarcity mentality, and letting trust in your security spread like butter.

In Your Space: High-end rustic farmhouse. Think gorgeous natural materials like marble, and soft gold accents that remind you of your worth—even if they’re only in the form of a soap dish right now! Rich chocolate palettes, fresh flowers daily, and silver platters for breakfast in bed.

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In the Stars: This is your month, wild pony. Slip into your party pants and sink into the solid belief in your right to truly have it all. It’s prime time for evaluating exactly how far you’ve come and not being afraid to project that vision far into the future.

In Your Space: Let your style get a little luxe—think the study or library of an old English manor. Treasure your progress by making “trophy” case style altars in your home that show off anything you’re proud of, and don’t be afraid to splurge on a big ticket item.

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In the Stars: This month emphasizes your under-the-covers dream territories, and for an astro babe who loves to pragmatize, the invitation is to let loose! Accept that you can’t explain it all and revel in this sense of sweet release.

In Your Space: Move towards whatever you think is “too soft” in terms of palettes, fabrics, and materials. Think fluff, cashmere, pale pinks. As you turn down the volume on your usual aesthetic, let this help melt your own hardened contours and enjoy home decor that can simply be beautiful without having to be useful at all.

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In the Stars: The sprawling Sag Sun ignites your chart’s natural zone of futuristic dreaming and you are absolutely on fire this month, Aquarius. Let the visions for new worlds pour in, fast and furious, and don’t be afraid to act on every single one of them.

In Your Space: Think artist’s atelier. Transform your space into a workshop of ideas with easels, whiteboards, and plenty of light. This is major home renovation month for you and if you’ve been dreaming of an overhaul, go ahead and knock down those walls!

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In the Stars: This month, the Sun ignites your zone of self-sufficiency and power moves, astro boss babe. While you’ve usually got a penchant for retreat, let yourself step into the spotlight and seize what’s yours.

In Your Space: Make your home space into a boardroom. Get super organized in your home office and treat your living areas like they’re on display. Tidy up, tighten it up, and draw inspo from sexy ’90s power flicks like Basic Instinct with swivel back chairs and ultra-modern accents.