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This New Collection Solves a Big Living Room Decor Challenge
We’re always saying that switching up your throw pillows is a quick way to update your decor seasonally without blowing your budget. But we get it, picking one set you like can be hard enough—you don’t want to be too matchy-matchy, but you want them to go together. Luckily, sofa startup Burrow announced today that they’re now selling pillows and throws—and they’re also grouped in collections for easy styling.
Oct 16, 2018
8 Reasons You Should Consider Decorating with Monograms
When you think of monograms, do the frilly handkerchiefs from your grandmother’s handbag pop into your mind? Sure, monogramming has been around forever, but we’re loving all of the fresh, modern takes on the age-old classic that we’ve been coming across. Check out our favorite inspiration images and shopping picks below; we guarantee you’ll have a hard time settling on just one!
Oct 9, 2018
Channel Tufting is the Throwback Upholstery Trend You’re About to See Everywhere
It’s kind of hard to innovate when it comes to upholstered furniture. Truth is, it’s pretty darn comfortable for the most part already. Sure, you can stain-guard the fabrics, introduce more finishes and add decorative flourishes like nailhead trim to the equation. But lately, I’m digging the throwback to the more graphic, modern lines of channel back pieces. This silhouette is part-retro, part-’80s even, and we’ve talked about it as a wall treatment before.
Oct 9, 2018
This Anthropologie Collection Is All Over Mandy Moore’s Home
If you aren’t following Mandy Moore on Instagram, you should be! She’s been living it up in her gorgeous mid-century maison and even graced the cover of Architectural Digest showing off her new digs. Designed by the California-cool interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, it embraces the mid-century lines of the house while bring fresh life to each room.
Sep 29, 2018
These Stunning Scandinavian Living Rooms All Share a Common Thread
Welcome to Scandi Week—Apartment Therapy’s seven-day focus on all-things Scandinavia (often defined as the countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway). Sometimes it seems like the whole world is obsessed with trying to copy this corner of the globe, from its timeless style aesthetic to its now-famous coziness rituals. For the next week, we’ll take a look at all of it—cleaning, pop culture, and of course tons of eye-popping design inspiration.
Sep 25, 2018
5 Genius Ways to Arrange Furniture in a Long, Narrow Living Room
With some layout tweaks and a few visual tricks up your sleeve, you can learn to love your long room.
Sep 22, 2018
8 Modern Tips for Styling Your Sofa
Tired of looking at your same predictable sofa every day? We’re here to help you change things up. Instead of simply placing a pillow in each corner and calling it a day, check out our favorite inspiration images and shoppable picks below for a fresh take on an age-old decor dilemma. For a modern, clean look, try placing pillows in contrasting shapes right beside each other on one side of the sofa. The consistency in color ensures continuity.
Sep 21, 2018
This One Little Thing Made the Most Amazing Difference in My Living Room
It was one of those "huh!" moments where I wondered why this had never occurred to me before.
Jun 22, 2018
The IKEA Storage Piece We Spot Over and Over Again (It’s Under $100!)
The folks at IKEA seem to have a knack for making pieces that are incredibly simple and also fit into all different kinds of interiors. They’re like the little black dresses of design. Case in point: the IKEA PS cabinet, which looks like a school locker and a credenza had a baby and somehow, despite its somewhat industrial appearance, is just the right thing for all kinds of spaces. And the best thing? It costs less than $100.
Apr 5, 2018
Don’t Make This Common Small-Space Furniture Mistake
When furnishing a small space, it would seem to make sense to pick pieces that are small. After all, you don’t want to overwhelm the room with bulky, oversize furniture. But there’s one big exception: the sofa. In most living rooms, the sofa is the biggest piece of furniture, and the biggest design statement, and a larger sofa (that still fits comfortably in the room, of course) can help to visually expand the boundaries of the space.
Apr 4, 2018
The Rise and Fall of the Once Beloved Sunken Living Room
Let’s talk, for a moment, about a curious architectural feature of many mid-century homes: the sunken living room. For a while, it was all the rage to step down into your living space, until, all of a sudden, it wasn’t. To what do we owe the rise and fall of the sunken living room? Both and Houzz trace the origin of the sunken living room to Kansas-born architect Bruce Goff, who in 1927 designed a house for his teacher, Adah Robinson.
Feb 26, 2018
A “Kinda-Tavern” Basement Gets Reimagined Into a Modern Retreat
Welcome to Design Doctors, our new series in which two designers offer expert prescriptions to readers who need help with a room in their home. These are not full renovations being suggested, but rather approachable, generally affordable changes that can be made by laypeople. The doctors are in! In this second installment, we have a basement that the owner describes as, “A half-timbered dingy cream stucco kinda tavern.
Jan 23, 2018
Something Called a Pajama Lounge Is Trending (& You’re Going to Want One)
There’s a new term roaming the corridors of the internet that made our ears perk up the second we heard it and we think you’re going to like it, too. It’s called a “pajama lounge”, and we want one. The idea is nothing new, though: growing up in suburbia, you may have had an upstairs loft or living room where the kids studied, watched TV maybe before heading down to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal if your home was spacious enough.
Dec 23, 2017
10 Essential IKEA Pieces for Small Living Rooms
These get our vote for stylish space savers.
Nov 29, 2017
Buying A Sofa Online Seemed Risky, But It Was The Best Thing Ever
My family and I live in a remote area—the nearest town has 200 people—so when it came time to replace our falling-apart sofa, our IRL shopping options were very limited unless we wanted to devote our lives to driving to furniture stores. The closest shops were perfectly respectable but lacked a certain flair. It seemed like ordering a sofa online was our only good option, and I’m thrilled it was, because it ended up working out great.
Nov 1, 2017
How to Set Up Your Living Room (Without a Focus on the TV)
Let's focus on another time-honored living room pastime: conversation.
Oct 17, 2017
How to Pull Off Painting Your Living Room Black
Or as the actual (but too long) title to this post should read: How to Pull Off Painting Your Living Room Black and It Not Look Like an Angsty Goth ’80s Teen Is Gearing up for a Halloween Party While Their Parents Are Out of Town. I’m here today to let you know it is possible to rock super dark paint on the walls, ceilings, shelving, mantel, fireplace, etc. and not look like you went on Trading Spaces with The Addams Family.
Oct 16, 2017
Proof This Color Combo Is the Most Versatile Palette of All
Did you catch this rad house tour from Buenos Aires? Each room was bursting with bold design elements balanced and mixed to perfection. But something about the living room really stuck out to me: it’s an excellent example of the versatility of a black and white color palette. In other words, if you’re someone who gets tired of the same look after awhile and you like to mix it up, take some notes from this home.
Sep 14, 2017
A Designer Makes Her Living Room Feel “A Little More Us”
Project by: Fiona of Fiona Duke Interiors Location: Chelmsford — Essex, U.K. Fiona purchased her home knowing they would have to invest in major renovations. While saving and planning for it they decided to add some personal touches to their living room to make it feel like home before the big reno. By using a dramatic dark color and filling the space with tons of textures and fun artifacts, the living room packs in a lot of personality and feels strikingly cozy.
Aug 26, 2017
Furniture Is On Deep Discount During World Market’s Living Room Sale
World Market has been one of our go-to retailers for global design, especially at an often affordable price point. Now, it’s even more of a bargain, because living room furniture is on mega sale, with pieces up to 50 percent off. Check out our picks below.
Aug 21, 2017
A “Geometric and Glam”Living Room to Die For
Project by: Karen Knox of Making Spaces Location: Harrogate, Yorkshire Karen’s clients were ready and willing to do a full renovation of their Edwardian home but wanted to ease into the process with their living room, which only needed a cosmetic upgrade. After talking with her clients about how they saw themselves living in the space, and the type of design they’re drawn to, she created this dark and layered space.
Aug 20, 2017
Design Dare: We Challenged Designers to Make These Tricky Decor Items Work
To someone like me—a person who has an appreciation for design but lacks the vision—the task seemed impossible. We asked three designers to take four items given to them in a “secret basket” that they might never have chosen on their own and turn them into a cohesive design that spoke to their signature style.
Aug 17, 2017
Guess the Decade Decor Quiz: Living Rooms of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s
Most decades have a signature style (both in fashion and interior design), but that doesn’t always mean a room follows that aesthetic to a T. At times, it can be tricky to date a space just by looking at a photo, though there are usually telltale signs here and there. What’s that you say? You could spot a 1960s living room with one eye closed? We encourage you to put those eagle eyes to the test. All the spaces here are either from the 1950s, ’60s or ’70s.
Aug 13, 2017
A New Living Room Look for Under $1000
Project by: Melissa Milakovic of Joydom Design Location: Ottawa — Ontario, Canada Melissa was enlisted by her clients to give their living room an entirely new look for a limited budget. They wanted a “coastal” feel and she delivered with rich blues and greens but spiced things up with bursts of bold yellow throughout. From Melissa: My clients were looking to do a complete overhaul of their living room but didn’t quite know where to start.
Aug 13, 2017
How to Get a High-End Living Room Look on a Real-Life Budget
Built in 1928, this Michigan house came with plenty of architectural charm when Justin bought it, but it needed updating. And that’s just what Justin did, transforming the dated interior into a modern, cozy abode. Every room packs in interior design inspiration, but the living room deserves a longer look. It’s a simple, elegant composition that looks sophisticated and high-end. But you can totally pull this look off on a budget.
Aug 9, 2017
Our Best Advice for Hosting Guests in Your Living Room
How to make guests as comfortable on your couch as they'd be at the Ritz-Carlton (ok, maybe not exactly).
Aug 4, 2017
A Basic Living Room Gets a Dark and Lush Makeover
Project by: Sandra Gudaviciute of The Knotted Touch Location: Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom Sandra transformed this living room from fine, if a little basic, to a dark and cozy statement room. Given a lot of great elements to work with (helllooooooo floors) she really upped the drama of the room, giving a little nod to the Victorian era in which the home was built. From Sandra: The house was built around 1900, converted into maisonettes in 1950.
Aug 3, 2017
On the Rocks: How To Bring the Marble Look Into Every Room
The mere mention of marble conjures up the honed surfaces of luxury hotels, iconic landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, and lavish dream kitchens and bathrooms, yet the longstanding stone favorite is making a grand entrance into our homes these days in more affordable ways than just via floor or counter surfaces. Whether splurging for the natural stone itself or opting for the faux look, the trend has never been more attainable to get. Peruse our roundup of marble-ous (see what we did there?
Jul 11, 2017
Furniture Placement Ideas for an Awkward Living Room Layout
If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, particularly a small apartment, this situation probably sounds familiar: you’ve signed a lease, you’re so excited about your new place, and then you realize—you have no idea where to put the furniture. And that’s where we come in. In this new column, we’re tackling the weirdest and most perplexing space planning solutions. Did the Room Layout Doctor do a good job of fitting everything in? You be the judge.
Jun 26, 2017
Ideas for Adding a Little Extra Seating to Your Small Living Room
Having a small living room can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you love to entertain. How do you fit in seating for all those people and still leave room to move?
Jun 2, 2017
Empowering Design Lessons From a Stunning Rental Living Room (That Non-Renters Should Take to Heart Too)
Isabelle’s house tour is endlessly inspiring to me, for starters because it’s just flat out gorgeous but also because it so clearly illustrates how all of the small choices we make can add up to something wonderfully, personally beautiful. And for those of us who are renting, that is pretty damn empowering. Ok, first thing’s first: Isabelle’s rental living room is not exactly problematic to begin with. In fact, it has supermodel-level good bones for a rental.
May 31, 2017
An Airy East Village Living Room That is Bright and Baby Friendly
Project by: Samantha Gore of Samantha Gore Interiors + Design Location: East Village —New York, New York Samantha Gore was tasked with adding some flair to her client’s living room, keeping in mind the demands of the family’s newest addition. Baby-friendly and bright, the living room shows off the family’s considerable art collection without a stuffy gallery feel. Textures mix with sunlight to create a welcoming and open space.
May 27, 2017
Room Crush: A Decadent Designer Green-on-Green-on-Green Living Room
Have you ever had a room crush? You know the feeling: you see the photo of a room so enviously gorgeous that it stops you dead in your tracks, and you can’t help but think about it – heck, you’re even talking about it to your friends who care to listen. Sometimes, the crush is on a room that’s totally on your level; something you can Pin for later and aim to recreate with your own twist.
May 26, 2017
Modern Slipcovers: An Underrated Secret Weapon of Design
Slipcovers have earned themselves a reputation as being shabby chic traditionalists, but to the contrary, these transformative beauties are proving to also have a modern side. These days, slipcovers are sporting more modern, simple silhouettes to accommodate in-demand contemporary furniture lines—the result is a fresh upholstered piece that embodies that cozy-modern vibe that’s been sweeping the design world right off its feet.
May 8, 2017
An Abigail Ahern-Inspired Living Room Filled with Thrifted Treasures
Name & Location: Nicola in Leeds, United Kingdom My Favorite Room: Living Room Specs: 215 square feet, owned Nicola’s living room if full of deep, dark colors, funky textures and the sort of textiles and fabrics you just want to snuggle up and get cozy. With a fun mix of thrifted and new purchases, the space has a ton of personality that complements the Victorian architecture of the home. All of the elements work together to make a perfectly welcoming family living room.
Feb 28, 2017
High & Low: Build a Transitional Modern Living Room On Any Budget
It’s up for debate for sure but I think for many, the living room—especially for apartment or condo dwellers—is the most used space in their home. It’s where you relax, entertain, get some work done and maybe even have a bite in front of the T.V. Having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t do all that and still have a stylish and functional living room.
Feb 27, 2017
The Online Decorator Secret Shopper Makeover: A Real-Life Rental Before & After in Philadelphia
It’s a funny thing what happens when you move into a new home. All of a sudden, the furniture pieces that worked so well for you in your previous abode just don’t feel…right anymore. Sure, some things transition seamlessly, but others end up feeling too small or too basic in the new space. Vijay Nathan—Apartment Therapy Media’s Product Manager—and his wife Anita would certainly agree. If you’ve been following along with the couple’s rental loft 2.
Feb 26, 2017
Build it on a Budget: Furnish a Living Room for Under $800
Back when I made the coveted transition from dorm to first college apartment, my living room consisted of a Walmart futon, curbside coffee table, and my roommate’s gigantic, cheetah print shoe chair lovingly transported from Long Island. And even though I’m well into early adulthood, I’m still slowly but surely building up to having a fully furnished, grown up apartment.
Feb 23, 2017
The Online Decorator Secret Shopper Makeover: We Compared 3 Internet Designer Concepts for a Real-Life Rental Loft
Moving into a new place can be a fun adventure. It can also be a little daunting when you realize a hefty amount of the furniture you had in your previous home just doesn’t work anymore and you aren’t sure where to start the refresh process. Such was the case for one of Apartment Therapy’s Product Managers, Vijay Nathan and his wife Anita.
Feb 23, 2017
Cure for a Humdrum Living Room: Plenty of Pattern
Sarah likes a visually interesting home, as shown by the eight patterns in her living room. “I like each room to have pops of color and pattern to keep things fun and eclectic as you move from room to room,” writes Sarah. “I like to mix and match patterns so they relate, but also contrast for visual interest.” Sarah shared her pointers for mixing patterns in her fearless living room.
Jan 31, 2017
Instantly Cozier: 9 Ways to Warm Up Your Winter Lighting
If the long, dark winter days have got you down, it may be time to warm up your home’s lighting. While adjusting your lighting may not be something you think about on a daily basis, you’ll be surprised how much adding an extra table lamp or switching lightbulbs can alter the mood of a room. Don’t believe it? Take the challenge: Try one of these nine lighting tips, and we’re willing to bet you’ll find the results to be illuminating. Nothing screams “dorm!
Jan 12, 2017
Here’s Proof That Sleeping in Your Living Room Can Actually Be Stylish
As part of our quest to bring you the most interesting, unusual, and inspiring small spaces, allow us to present this incredibly stylish, high-ceilinged Italian apartment—that also happens to be a studio. It’s outfitted in that funky, eclectic-yet-streamlined European way that I’m convinced is the Next Big Thing— proof that sleeping in the living room doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. The studio, located in Milan, is the former home of designer Pietro Russo.
Nov 25, 2016
Get Your Fall On: 8 Perfectly Moody Eclectic Living Rooms
I love the look of fall—the pumpkins and the fallen leaves, sure, but also the particular quality the light takes on when the sun sinks low in the sky. It’s a sad, melancholy quality, but also moody and dramatic and interesting, and in some way these living rooms just seem made for that kind of light—a place to sip tea and curl up with an obscure tome and mull over the ashes of the year.
Oct 27, 2016
Create the Look: Eclectic Collector Living Room Shopping Guide
The living room of an eclectic collector is like a treasure trove. Quirky accents mingle with modern seating and a classic Warren Platner coffee table, while throw pillows of all prints and textures play nice on a vintage sofa. The telltale sign of this look is that you can’t quite put your finger on the style of the room, and that’s what makes it so special. 1. Indigo 3 Light Drum Chandelier, $318.64 from Wayfair 2. Infant Ikat Robe VI from Uzbekistan in Lucite Frame, $895 from St.
Sep 26, 2016
Create the Look: Warm Industrial Living Room Shopping Guide
Part of the undeniable charm of warm industrial style is that it seamlessly blends modern and vintage finds—and pieces that are both shiny and a little rough around the edges can feel equally at home. To get the look in your living room, play around with a range of textures, but unify the space with a mostly neutral color palette. We’ve already done the hard part for you and scoured the web for the best industrial-inspired finds—all you need to do is click “Shop.
Sep 10, 2016
High & Low: A Living Room That Gets Pattern Mixing Just Right
I don’t know about you, but when I try to incorporate multiple motifs into a room willy-nilly, things can quickly get a little out of control and the space ultimately lacks cohesion. When it comes to the delicate dance of mixing and matching (or deliberately mismatching) patterns, it’s best to take cues from the pros. As your print-mixing guides, we’ve put together four high and lows inspired by rooms with perfectly blended patterns. First up: the living room.
Sep 2, 2016
Excel at Extra Seating: Living Rooms With Perfect Pouf Placement
Poufs, floor pillows, low ottomans and small stools—these are all great decor elements to add to a living room whenever you need extra seating or more softness. But it’s not always crystal clear exactly where your newly purchased or DIYed pouf or floor pillow should go. In the place of side chairs? As a coffee table? Kind of floating off to the side?
Jul 22, 2016
Bring the Outdoors In: Living Room Hammocks & Hanging Chairs
If you’re not lucky enough to live in a home with an outdoor space, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the lovely, layabout feeling of a summer afternoon spent drowsing away on the porch. Things like hammocks and swings and hanging chairs aren’t just for outside: you can also, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous (and have the right hardware!) add one to your living room.
Jul 10, 2016
Living Room Style: One Rug, Two Looks
What I love most about home decor is seeing the different ways that people express their style. Like fashion, there are so many ways to wear one piece of clothing and each look is totally different depending on what you pair it with. I thought it would be fun to do the same thing and pick one rug and use it in two very different looks. See how I took this extremely bold and colorful rug and used it in both a bohemian and glam look.
May 3, 2016
Perfect Placement: 12 Living Rooms That Nailed Hanging Art Above the Sofa
Are you staring at the blank wall above your sofa with hammer in hand, afraid to punch the first hole to hang your art? Or maybe you’ve already hung art above your sofa, but every time you look at your handiwork, something feels “off.” Hanging art isn’t rocket science, but with so many different variables, it can sometimes be difficult to get just right.
Apr 10, 2016
High & Low: An Eclectic Mid-Century Meets Transitional Living Room
I don’t know about your home, but at my place, even with an open concept kitchen and a dining table, we always seem to end up in the living room with all the snacks and drinks squeezed on the coffee table. Let’s face it: it’s more casual and comfortable than standing around a kitchen or sitting on a stiff dining chair. These days it’s rare to have both a family and living room, so it’s nice to really put a lot of thought and style into the one you have.
Mar 29, 2016
Try a Room Reset: Lighten Up the Living Room
You’ve no doubt heard the old Chanel quote about taking off one accessory before leaving the house, yada yada. While I think it probably is perfectly valid advice for fashion, I’m absolutely sure it is a great strategy for “resetting” your rooms and today we’re going to give it a try. Over time, the rooms where we spend lots of time naturally become places we don’t really “see” anymore.
Jan 19, 2016
8 Cozy Living Rooms and How You Can Get the Look
Humans don’t hibernate, but we do an approximation of it. If you live in the northern climes, chances are there are a few months where you just barely leave the house. During these months your home becomes more important than ever before: you want it to be a place that’s cozy, that’s welcoming, a place where you would feel good being trapped in a blizzard.
Dec 11, 2015
Pull Off This Classic Come-back Living Room Trend: Ultra Low Coffee Tables
You might not think about coffee table heights as the sort of thing that fluctuates throughout the years, but like any design element, the ideal coffee table height not only changes from room style to room style, but also according to what’s in vogue in living rooms that are being lived in, in the current moment. Low coffee tables are just what they sound like: coffee tables with a top surface that sits a fair bit lower than your usual coffee table find.
Dec 2, 2015
A Bold Bench is Just What Your Boring Living Room Seating Arrangement Needs
Benches look great in hallways and under windows. They function perfectly in an entryway. They’re a surprising but useful addition to a dining room furniture set. But in living rooms they’re often to relegated to the sidelines — along the walls — and usually housing some decor vignette. There’s nothing wrong with benches in your living room looking pretty. But they can do so much more.
Dec 2, 2015
6 Simple Secrets to Dealing With a Small Living Room
Living in a small living room, like living in a small home, is a delicate balance of aesthetics and sacrifice. Your living room is often the central hub of your home, and so should have special attention paid to it, particularly if it’s on the small side. Instead of (or in addition to) a wall collage of art, use mirrors to expand the space, reflect light and make the space feel livelier. → 10 Ways To Use Mirrors To Make Your Space Look Larger.
Jul 17, 2015
Why ‘Busy’ Isn’t Always Bad: Living Room Lessons
We talk a lot about streamlining. Minimizing. Cutting back. Paring down. And we really think that’s good. But it’s not always best (for you or your style). Sometimes “busy” decor, rooms bursting with things you love and that inspire you, is the right choice for your home. Take a page from these “busy” living rooms to learn lessons on how to make a full, exciting living room work for your style, without overwhelming everyone who spends time in it.
Jun 15, 2015
The New Living Room: 4 Top Trends
Living rooms are like living, breathing things that constantly evolve along with their inhabitants. We watch them change over time, as tastes and moods shift. Where are they today? If you’re thinking of redecorating or renovating, here are four of the top trends for modern living rooms. We’ve seen a lot of light wood and Scandinavian pastels in recent years, but lately there’s been a shift — perhaps ushered in by Abigail Ahern — towards dark walls and moody decor.
May 12, 2015
How to Create a “Bedroom” in a Studio Apartment
Either by choice or by the vagaries of fate, you have found yourself living in a studio apartment. That’s it. Just one room. And maybe you’re cool with that, but you don’t feel like looking at your bed all day long. Or you need a little privacy for when houseguests stay, or you just want to create a little separation between the parts of your apartment devoted to sleeping and waking. Apartment Therapy has a few ideas.
Apr 20, 2015
8 Real Life Living Rooms That Work (And Why)
Are you a big fan of spaces that are bursting with design, accessories, colors and patterns? But are you a little worried about how to make it work in the real world (and specifically, your home)? We’ve got real-life living rooms that are bursting with style but that work — and we’re breaking down the lessons to take with you into your own space!
Mar 13, 2015
5 Really Great Reasons to Float The Furniture in Your Living Room
Are you struggling with how to fit your furniture in the living room, and can’t for the life of you come up with a good layout? You might need to “float” your furniture — or pull everything out from the wall and create an island of sorts comprising your sofa, chairs and tables — and anchor it all with an area rug. What decorating magic is this do you ask? And how will you know if this is the answer?
Feb 27, 2015
9 Ways to Shake Up Your Living Room Look
Sometimes you just want to try something a little different. If you’re looking to shake up your look in the living room, look no further than this collection of 9 creative ideas and tweaks to your existing style that’ll take it to the next level. 1. Add some wall-mounted bookshelves behind your sofa, as shown above. It’s like a gallery wall on steroids: the possibilities are nearly endless. 2. Add an interesting rug (or rugs!). 3.
Feb 9, 2015
9 Places to Find Inexpensive, Modern Furniture
If you've got champagne taste & a beer budget, take a look at this list of eight retailers where you can satisfy your design craving.
Feb 8, 2015
Why This Room Works: 6 Expert Color Mixing Tips to Steal From Annie’s Bold Living Room
It’s one thing to add in a lot of color into a living room. It’s another thing to mix a lot of bold colors expertly in one compact space. How do you do it so it’s exciting and not a messy jumble of hues? A favorite house tour with a particularly colorful living room holds six secrets worth stealing for your own colorful home.
Sep 21, 2014
Style Forecast: Sofa Trends for 2014 & Beyond
I recently bought a new sofa and it felt like I was buying a car. It’s such a big decision; both in terms of cost and how long you’ll likely live with it. New sofa styles for 2014 are harkening back to classic themes – a Scandinavian take on mid-century, natural wood legs, colorful upholstery, tufted details and retro silhouettes.
Aug 7, 2014
Living Room Blueprints: 3 Versatile Sofa & Chair Layouts to Try
Just like the human body, most rooms share the same skeleton. No matter the size or style—from Eclectic to English Country—a well-designed living room starts with one of a few basic layouts. These are floor plans that have proven over time to be the best at defining the space and directing the flow in your home’s most livable room. Using the same three pieces—a sofa and two chairs—we sketched out three of the most popular living room blueprints.
Aug 7, 2014
Setting Up Home: 5 Ways to Make a Lovely Living Room from Our House Tours
When setting up and decorating a home, the living room is one of the first places we look— after all, it’s where we entertain guests and spend a lot of our own time, too. Here are five ideas for making your living room a lovely, welcoming and impactful space, with examples from our House Tours: 1. Create a cozy corner. Make place where you can kick back with a good book, or relax in front of the television.
Aug 6, 2014
Cheap, Yet Chic: Low Cost Living Room Design Ideas
We live hard in living rooms. It’s where we entertain, relax in the evenings, watch TV, and do countless other activities each day. Yet when we get sick of our surroundings and need something different, it’s tough to make big changes in the context of our busy lives and small budgets. That’s when small, cheap tweaks come in handy… Here are eight small ways to switch it up at home, on a budget: 1.
Mar 25, 2014
When a Room Feels “Off”: 4 Possible Culprits and How to Fix Them
Sometimes, a room just doesn’t quite feel right, but it’s hard to put your finger on the exact reason why. The most beautiful rooms are often perfectly balanced compositions of a number of different elements, and you probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that when one of those elements isn’t quite right, a room might feel a bit “off.
Mar 23, 2014
American Style Through the Decades: The Forties
The 1940s were a tumultuous time. It is impossible to understand those years outside of the context of WWII. The war not only defined the decade but from a design perspective, split it virtually in half. During the first half of the decade, new design was halted, as supply shortages and rationing demanded that all available resources — material and otherwise — be directed towards the war effort…Socially, the decade featured a similar split.
Jul 14, 2011
Color Combo: Olive Green and Sky Blue
Green and blue is an all-time favorite combo of ours. It can go very springy, but darken it up a bit and tame it down with dark olive greens and dusty blues:The kitchen up top exemplifies this color combo, with muddy green cabinetry and crisp blue walls.
Nov 26, 2010
A Perfect Balance: Gray and Orange
The saying “opposites attract” goes well beyond human relationships — and the affair between orange and gray mingling to create a stunning balance is a perfect example. Depending on the tones, the duo can be youthful and whimsical, eclectic and bold, moody and sophisticated, or masculine and sleek, and any combo in between!
Nov 17, 2010