Before & After: One of The Best $2K Bathroom Makeovers We’ve Ever Seen

published Feb 22, 2018
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(Image credit: The Painted Hive)

Wow. This is one of those makeovers that you can’t believe was done on a budget. The results are so impressive, and the new bathroom looks like a million bucks. We shouldn’t be surprised, however, since Kristine has shared some equally impressive DIY projects in the past, including this gorgeous dresser refresh and jaw-dropping cabinet transformation. Now see what she was able to do in her bathroom…

Before we ooh and aah over the bathroom now, here’s how Kristine who blogs at The Painted Hive described it before:

Aside from looking pretty darn ugly, there wasn’t anything really “wrong” with the space. I mean, nothing was badly broken or overly damaged, it functioned well and had everything it needed (there’s a toilet in a separate room). Although a major renovation would have been nice, it also would have been unnecessary – not to mention super pricey.

That is one of the trickier remodeling decisions to face: everything is technically fine, you just hate it, so is remodeling worth it? The decision will come down to your financial situation, your priorities and busy-ness level, and exactly how hideous the room in question is. (I have a perfectly fine bathroom that’s covered in tile that’s decidedly cheesy and peach, but until I can no longer stand it and I make a lot more money, cheesily peach it shall remain.) Anyway, let’s see what the bathroom looks like now . . .

(Image credit: The Painted Hive)

This is so elegant! I absolutely adore the navy tub surround, and the way the color is echoed in the beautiful floor and the deep tones of the paint. Navy and white could have easily gone in a nautical direction, but the gold and wood accessories make the room decidedly sophisticated. The grey wall paint is an interesting choice; white is the ubiquitous paint choice for bathrooms these days, but the addition of grey adds further gravitas to the room.

I have a bombshell for y’all: those amazing floor tiles and nice fresh wall tiles? PAINTED. The bathtub surround: not new—PAINTED. That’s right: the linoleum on the floor was painted using a stencil, chalk paint, and a polyurethane sealer, and the wall tiles were coated in Rustoleum Tub & Tile Paint, while the tub was painted with the same paint as the floor. This is a total game changer. Kristine reports that after a few months, all of the painted surfaces (there’s more newly white tile around the freshly painted vanity as well) are still in great shape. If any of you have painted tile or linoleum, please share your experiences in the comments! I am currently far too tempted to paint every surface in my bathroom, so some perspective would be appreciated.

This entire makeover was completed for less than $2,000. A lot of that was spent on items that are invisible (electricity, plumbing) or aren’t visible in this part of the bathroom; visit The Painted Hive’s full post to see the lovely photos of the new vanity and shower top.

Thank you, Kristine!