12 Super Easy DIY Bookmark Ideas to Suit Any Kind of Book Lover

updated Mar 6, 2024
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Credit: Emma Fiala

For serious bookworms, every day is a perfect reading day — but there’s something about the fall and winter months that makes cozying up with a good book especially appealing. And while almost any scrap of paper will do for holding your place between reading sessions (receipts, torn pieces of a paper bag, sticky notes…), your beloved books deserve to have something between their pages that’s just as special as what’s written on them.

These 12 DIY bookmark ideas are just the thing. Each of them brings a different style to the table, whether it’s minimalist and sophisticated or colorful and whimsical. They offer a range of time commitments and skill levels, too, with some requiring only minutes to pull together. Choose one (or a few!) to carry with you all year long, or make several different ones to suit whatever genre you’re delving into next. Even better? Whip up a bunch and give them out along with a favorite book or a gift card to purchase the recipient’s choice. It’s a gift that works for practically every occasion and almost every type of person. Read on for DIY bookmark inspo.

1. Two-Tone Leather Bookmark

These bookmarks are simple in shape, but the rich leather material makes them feel so luxurious. The other standout feature? That cool rivet, which is easier to do than it looks. Find the instructions at The Merrythought.

2. Retro-Style Library Card Bookmark

For a cheeky vintage look (and an easy way to keep track of which friends you’ve lent books to), try these library checkout card bookmarks from A Beautiful Mess. The printable files are free; from there, you’ll just need bookmark covers and tassels.

Credit: Alice & Lois

3. Shibori Fabric Bookmark

Fabric scraps are the key to creating this gorgeous shibori-style bookmark from Alice & Lois. For this particular bookmark, they reached for leftover pieces of hand-dyed shibori fabric, but you could take inspiration from this project and create a bookmark using any fabric remnants that feature patterns you love.

4. Painted Landscape Bookmark

A great book can transport you somewhere totally different — anywhere from medieval castles to the surface of Mars — so a bookmark decorated with a dreamy landscape seems like a perfect fit. Smiling Colors gives a complete rundown (complete with a video tutorial) on how to create this gorgeous snowy scene. Be sure to use mixed-media paper, which will hold up to both paint and ink. Once you finish this mountain piece, you’ll be tempted to create one for every setting you can imagine.

Credit: Teal Notes

5. Printable Fruit Bookmark

DIY doesn’t need to be complicated. This printable fruit bookmark from Teal Notes packs a punch, and is super easy to pull together. The only supplies you’ll need: heavy card stock, scissors, and a hole punch and embroidery floss to make a cute little tassel.

6. Minimalist Leather Bookmarks

These DIY leather magnetic bookmarks that Stephanie of Make and Tell created are equal parts functional and chic. They don’t require any special tools to make, either — you can cut both the leather pieces and the magnet strips with sturdy scissors. The design you feature is up to you. You could keep a pattern going to cover the whole bookmark, if maximalism is more your style, or keep it simple with the leather as the star.

Credit: Teal Notes

7. Reading List Tracker Bookmark

If you’re a habit tracker enthusiast, this bookmark is for you. The design by Teal Notes allows you to tuck a list into a DIY pocket bookmark so that you can keep your reading list handy no matter what book you’re paging through. Of course, the pocket can also hold any list you like, such as page numbers you want to refer back to later or even to-dos you think of and need to scribble down somewhere while you’re deep in the reading zone.

8. Pressed Flower Bookmark

Unexpected materials can make for some of the most beautiful DIYs. These pressed flower bookmarks are a great example. Chelsea of Lovely Indeed created them with her kids, and now every time they read they can remember their time together. To make your own personal keepsake, collect materials during a neighborhood walk or forage on vacation.

9. Confetti Bookmark

These confetti bookmarks turn every book into a party! Jessica of The Confetti Bar shares two methods for sealing up your favorite blend of confetti, glitter, and sequins to create a custom look.

Credit: Make & Fable

10. Wood Veneer Bookmark

This stately bookmark by Jessica of Make & Fable was inspired by marquetry, or decorative wood pattern work you’ll sometimes see in jewelry boxes or fine furniture. Check out her tutorial to see how she achieved the look by using adhesive-backed thin wood veneer sheets.

11. Modern Brass Clip Bookmark

A bookmark doesn’t have to be complicated to be stunning. These brass bookmark clips designed by Nomita of Your DIY Family come together in a minute (literally) and are ideal for holding back heavier pages like in a textbook or cookbook.

12. Cross-stitched Bookmarks

Look closely — those designs aren’t printed. They’re actually embroidered! Kim of Crafting Cheerfully cross-stitched her designs and gave them a little extra sparkle with DMC Light Effects thread. Follow her lead for bookmarks that have a cool textured and multidimensional style. Kim offers free patterns, but you can also co-opt any cross-stitch pattern in the right size to make your own creation.