This DIY Flower-Themed Cat Tree Looks Easier than It Seems

published Nov 28, 2023
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Credit: Sandra Rojo

If you’re a cat owner, you would probably buy your furry friend any cute toy or accessory that you come across — especially if it happens to match your home’s aesthetic. For example, a pastel-colored cat tree or cactus-shaped scratching post easily complements a maximalist’s room. However, purchasing an item for your pet doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to be obsessed with it (or even acknowledge it), so it can be a risk to spend a large amount of money on anything at a pet store.

Known for her crafty content on TikTok, Annika Hinds might have outdone herself with a recent project: building a cat tree. After deciding against buying one of the charming flower-themed cat trees that you’ve probably seen online because of the steep price, she created an exceptional DIY, and the result might convince you to pick up a tool or two.

In the first video of her three-part explanation, Hinds shares that the process for the cat tree begins with a piece of plywood and a cardboard tube cut into three pieces. If you have an old poster tube on hand, this is a great way to upcycle it. To ensure that this material is durable enough for the job, she attaches corner brackets to each cardboard tube and uses hot glue to cover all three pieces in rope. Hopefully, this step will prevent your cats from destroying the furniture.

The three colorful flowers that serve as the cat’s cushion are available on Amazon for $13, and she uses pink, yellow, and blue pillows. For the platform that sits below the pillows, Hinds traces a rough circular sketch onto three pieces of wood and cuts them out before she thoroughly staples them to the flower petals. At this point, the project is already looking nicer than a cat tree that you could purchase online, and she’s not even done.

Hinds drills the rope-covered tubes into the bottom of the flower petals, and it’s time to move on to the base of the tree. With a vibrant green rug, she adds another wooden platform to create the base and secures the flowers to it with a drill. After Hinds adds a few pom-poms and a beloved toy to the tree, it’s finally done, and her cat Figgy seems to already love it.

Since multiple TikTok users inquired about the project’s price, Hinds says that the project was $100, which is more than $200 less than she was about to spend. Of course, the comment section of her video loves the final result, and Hinds’ DIY project is inspiring some people to salvage their old cat trees. If you’re also inspired to save some money on an extravagant cat tree, Hinds linked all of her materials on Amazon, and the step-by-step tutorial doesn’t seem too hard to follow. After all, your cat does deserve the best.