Watch This TikToker Create a Faux Brick Wall in Their Bedroom

published Apr 9, 2023
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Credit: Samara Vise

For some, exposed brick is a high-ranking amenity when it comes to moving into a new apartment or home. Others are cautious of having brick walls, due to bugs and safety hazards. Although the feature is an eye-catching addition in a room, it’s rare to find in newer buildings, which led one TikToker to create his own brick wall with the help of some trial and error.

In a two-part series on TikTok, Alex (@realiferenovation) created an exposed brick wall in his bedroom using faux brick panels. Alex’s TikTok — which he describes as DIY for dummies like himself — is full of renovation projects, but this project is an attempt to remodel his entire bedroom to impress his wife. 

The first step in Alex’s process was cutting the faux brick panels with a circular saw and adding Loctite to adhere them to the wall. After adding a handful of two-inch nails to the wall’s stud with a drill, it quickly resembled an actual brick wall. Since his roof was slightly slanted, he made a few adjustments to the height of the bricks, so don’t forget to use a measuring device for the edges and corners if you choose to replicate Alex’s DIY project.

For a seamless cut in the wall, Alex added chalk dust to the edges of an electric outlet so it’ll easily transfer onto the brick to carve out a perfect fit. Once the wall was covered with the brick panels, he added the white baseboard back to the bottom of the wall. Although it appeared to be finished, the seams in between each panel weren’t completely invisible, so Alex decided to play around with products to hide the seams.

One commenter suggested that cutting the panels in a jigsaw-like shape would’ve helped the bricks interlock like a puzzle with no visible lines. Others suggested that grout or a caulk in a similar shade might work some magic on the seams to flatten it out, but Alex ended up going with a different method that may or may not have stirred up his comment section.

The renovator decided to fill the seams with spackle to give it a realistic look and texture, but he and his wife weren’t a fan of the result and decided to repaint the entire wall. Unfortunately, too much spackle ended up covering some of the brick, so the couple ended up purchasing drywall mud to attempt a German smear technique.

And of course, the comment section was divided with the wall’s final result. “It barely looks like it’s brick, especially since it’s the same color as the rest of the room,” someone said. Others applauded the DIY project, and the couple was also happy with the result and has more plans for their bedroom renovation.

If you choose to mimic Alex’s idea and DIY an exposed brick wall, think twice before cutting any brick panels to prevent visible seams.