This TikToker DIYed a Fried Egg-Shaped Clock, and It’s Eggsactly What Your Kitchen Is Missing

published Feb 20, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Faux food decor is the trend that keeps finding its way into homes, such as luxury furniture or seemingly edible candles. Who knew that food could go beyond the kitchen and evolve into home decor?

On TikTok, Kit (@themakingbox_) frequently shares their arts and craft videos, including a Lizzie McGuire-themed trinket dish and cloud-adorned mirror. In early February, they shared a how-to on creating a clock with air-drying clay, and it’s eggsactly the opposite of what you’d expect — a fried egg.

After molding the splattered egg shape on a flat surface, Kit noted that they added a hole to the center of the egg’s yolk to place the actual clock. Once the clay was completely dry, they used a golden yellow acrylic paint to color the yolk, and it immediately came to life. Although they were so excited to finish the DIY, Kit mentioned that they did not use a sealant before adding the clock component in, but it’s possible to do so once the paint is dry.

For the clock portion of the project, you can purchase the parts on Amazon for under $15, and the kit includes a battery-operated device and multiple clock hands. This DIY is so shockingly simple that you may find yourself on a trip to the arts and crafts store to purchase clay and paint. And as stated in Kit’s caption, who doesn’t need a fried egg clock in their kitchen?

And their food-themed items don’t end with this clock. Kit also uploaded an easy-to-follow DIY to craft a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup drink coaster. 

Although you can’t take a bite out of this sweet treat, you can definitely mold your own bite marks into the coaster with a fork and trick your guests into thinking you have a gigantic peanut butter cup laying around.

In case you’re not interested in DIYing it, New York-based furniture and home goods store Coming Soon has a handmade resin clock that also resembles a fried egg. But it’s priced at $375, so Kit’s DIY is a bit more affordable if you’re willing to set aside the time to craft it yourself.