DIY Ideas: 16 Fun DIY Ways To Use Leftover Tiles

updated Oct 5, 2021
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Tiling is an easy way to add charm and character to your home. Kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls are typical zones for tile creativity, but they’re not the only places where tiles can add a little pizzazz.  If you’ve got some leftover tiles from a recent reno, put these extras to work with a smaller-scale tile project. Even if you haven’t tackled any big tiling redos, don’t worry: Just pick up a box or two of tiles and put them to work on your favorite DIY on the list below.

Credit: Lexy Ward

Hexagon Tile Serving Tray by Proper Blog

This project is the perfect use for a leftover sheet of hexagon tiles, especially since you can easily adjust the dimensions based on how many tiles you have.

Credit: Neha A

Mosaic Tiled Mirror by Neha A

Revamp your mirror into a one-of-a-kind statement piece by using some a few mosaic tiles. Keep in monochromatic with identical tiles, or mix and match a bunch of patterns  to create this eclectic look.

Credit: Amber Strong

Tiled Hanging Wall Decor by Amber Strong

Only have a handful of tiles left over from your project? No worries. Make a simple, budget-friendly wall art piece. All it takes is cardboard, a mop head, and jenga blocks to recreate this look.

(Image credit: Merriment Design)

Carrera Hexagon Tile Coasters by Merriment Design

Gorgeous leftover Carrera marble tiles deserve a chance to shine on their own; backing each one with cut-to-size cork to create coasters lets them do just that. The juxtaposition of marble and cork is surprisingly appealing.

(Image credit: Always Rooney)

Hexagon Tile Serving Tray by Always Rooney

If you have a handful of little hexagon tiles leftover, this project is perfect for you, especially since you can easily adjust the dimensions based on how many tiles you have.

(Image credit: Seeking Lavender Lane)

Tile Tabletop by Seeking Lavender Lane

If your tile project left you with an entire box of unneeded tile, don’t regret overbuying! It just means you have the opportunity to make a gorgeous table like this one.

(Image credit: The Merrythought)

Marble Tile Magnets by The Merrythought

Coordinate your fridge with your back-splash or floor by using leftover tiles to make sweet little magnets. This is a great way to showcase precious marble tiles, but it could do just as well with less prestigious tiles.

(Image credit: The Blondilocks)

Jewelry Hanger by The Blondilocks

This is another great project if you just have a few tiles leftover, and it works no matter how many tiles you’ve got. Paint the board the same color as your tiles for a sleekly monochromatic look, add hooks, and hang away.

(Image credit: Always Rooney)

Honeycomb Tile Vase by Always Rooney

If your project leaves you with a sheet of tiles, roll it around a vase (a cheap number from the dollar store is perfect), fill in the spaces with grout, and voilà! Also, as this tutorial points out, this is a great, low-stakes way to get the hang of tiling without tackling a floor or wall.

This project makes it clear that you’ll want to add glitter to the grout in all of these DIYs. Glitter grout! Spice up your favorite cheapo IKEA table with three (or more) different types of leftover tile and the sparkliest grout in the land. It’s surprisingly subtle, but with no lack in attention to detail.

(Image credit: Mr. Kate)

Use the leftover tiles from all of your tiling projects to create this graceful window frame—a great way to add character to a bare bones rental. And if you’re not feeling super ambitious (or if you don’t happen to own a jigsaw), simply use the tiling method described to mosaic an existing picture, mirror, or window frame.

Tiled Countertop by A Beautiful Mess

This tutorial is proudly saw-free, meaning you won’t have to rent (and use) a tile saw if you can arrange your tiles correctly. And while the instructions will teach you how to tile all sides of a kitchen island or peninsula, you can simply tile the top.

(Image credit: Kurt Andre for Brit + Co)

If you have some leftover glass and/or mirrored tiles, give them some copper tape borders and solder them together to create candle holders in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bonus: These make great gifts, especially if you pop a little votive in them.

(Image credit: Sarah Lipoff)

Tile Photo Coasters by POPSUGAR

If your leftover tiles happen to be boring but you don’t want them to go to waste, adorn them with photo, or even patterned scrapbook papers using Mod Podge. And if your leftover tiles happen to be actively ugly, cover them completely with photos printed the exact size of the tiles (or slightly larger, to cover the sides as well).

(Image credit: Dana Finnigan)

80s-Inspired Tiled Planter by Dana Finnigan on Apartment Therapy

You could also spruce up plain tiles with Sharpie paint markers and use them to build a charming planter. If your drawing skills are excellent, show off by creating designs inspired by intricate Moroccan or Mexican tiles.

(Image credit: The Merrythought)

Marble Tile Necklace by The Merrythought

Whilst you’re beautifying your home, don’t neglect yourself! Precious marble tiles can be epoxied to hand-cut brass sheet metal to create an amazing necklace – and while you’re at it, provided you have enough tiles leftover, why not make a bunch for all your jewelry-loving friends?

What do you like to do with your leftover tiles?