15 Stylish DIY Loft Bed Ideas of All Sizes to Help You Max Out Your Small Space

updated Apr 6, 2023
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Credit: Irene Burg

Lofting your bed is one of our favorite design ideas for a small bedroom or even a studio apartment. Doing so reduces the amount of space your bed takes up, provides additional living or working space underneath the bed, and introduces lots of storage (in some cases). 

Lofting a bed could mean finally getting that chic home office setup you’ve been dreaming of or adding a sleeper sofa for weekend guests. Loft beds open up many design possibilities, and the best part is that it’s relatively simple to DIY loft beds for adults. 

Here, you’ll see 18 fantastic ideas to help you DIY a loft bed for adults. You’ll see how versatile these designs can be in terms of size, style, and structure.

Credit: @_casa_k_

1. Add a Swing

Think your small space doesn’t have enough room for a cool indoor feature like a swing or an egg chair? Think again! This loft from @casa_K_ provides the perfect place to securely hang a swing for additional seating, entertaining or just relaxing. 

2. Storage Galore

See what we mean about loft beds providing storage? This loft bed for adults, from @magichandworksberlin appears to be a DIY job. We love the built-ins that provide room for storing belongings both under the loft and along the facing wall. 

3. Semi-loft Bed

Maybe a fully lofted bed isn’t an option, or you simply don’t prefer it. We love this option, from @sophia.at.home. Here, she’s elevated her bed onto a platform, giving her an alcove that houses her bed and plenty of belongings, while keeping things neat and out of the way. 

4. Living Space Loft

There’s no rule that says a loft needs to exist only in a bedroom. In this fashionable apartment, the loft serves as both a bedroom and a library and is situated right in the middle of the living space below. 

5. Part Platform Part Loft

Bibliophiles of any kind can appreciate sleeping in a castle made of books, which is exactly what this stylish loft bed in Brooklyn has going on. If you’re hoping to DIY a loft bed for adults, you can create a loft bed out of bookshelves to make your sleep arrangement that much more interesting and give it a unique structure. Just make sure the pieces can support the weight of your bed.

Credit: kisyuunomori

6. Privacy, Please!

One of our favorite DIY loft bed ideas? Hang a curtain from part of the loft to create a private space to change or for a bit of additional storage tucked out of sight. The curtain keeps this minimalist space by @kisyuunomori from appearing cluttered, no matter how small it is. 

7. It’s a Family Affair

Whether you love the notion of a (almost!) family bed, or you’re working with a super-small space, creating a kid’s loft above the parents bed is certainly a space-saver! That’s what @flyktentillnorr has done here, with an adorable little one peeking over the edge. 

Credit: Irene Burg

8. Scandi-Boho Loft Bed

The cozy bed above looks fresh out of a ski chalet or a Scandinavian home. If you want to draw more attention to your loft bed, a statement wooden ladder, similar to this one from photographer Irene Burg, is a great choice. It sits in the center of the room and is not a fixture that’s meant to be hidden.

9. Wall Loft Bed

A cozy nook photographed by Chastity Cortijo makes for a perfect reading spot and an even comfier place to sleep. Brooklyn-based ET General Construction framed this loft bed out in what looks like a modern wooden cube, building it to serve as an interesting focal point that still manages to be understated.

10. Scandi-Inspired Loft Bed

A simple, minimalist children’s loft bed, like this gorgeous example from Victoria Laaksonen, literally creates plenty of space for design flexibility. In this particular instance, the owners ended up turning the area beneath the loft into another adorable bed set up for their second daughter.

11. Wooden Loft Bed

Crystal Nielsen of Crystal Ann Interiors created this stunning, Scandi-inspired loft bed that has enough room for a second mattress underneath it, if needed. What takes this area beyond the typical minimalist bedroom is the pretty basket pendant lamp and fun blue rug she styled out the rest of the space with. Sometimes spicing up a loft bed is all about adjusting its surrounding decor.

Credit: Lydia

12. Desk and Loft Bed Duo

Lydia, who is currently living in an 1800’s spinning mill turned apartment, used the space beneath her loft for a darling dressing table. When your living quarters are tight, it’s worth investing in a DIY project like this, which can free up precious floorspace for other furnishings you want or need.

Credit: Janine

13. Boho Style Loft Bed

Gorgeous neutral hues and warm bohemian decor combine for a dreamy, cocoon-like loft bed that you’ll never want to leave. As seen in this simple design by Janine, the owner of the Etsy shop Like a Feather, macrame hangers, a wicker chair, cozy poufs, and other textiles can instantly make a basic wooden DIY loft bed for adults feel much more homey.

Credit: Erin Monett

14. Kitchen Loft Bed

Trott Cottage is a darling little A-frame in Ontario founded by Erin Monett that features a stylish loft bed right above the kitchen. If you thought your open plan studio or small space couldn’t handle a loft because there is no “official” stand-alone bedroom for it, think again. Sure, high ceilings are ideal, but no structure or corner is too small for a loft bed.

15. White Minimal Children’s Loft

Melanie Raver of Rave Interior Design built a space that’s certainly a child’s room but can easily grow along with its owner into the teen years. The unique light fixture, airy white palette, and graphic wall decals are classic enough to ensure that this room will stay on trend for years to come.

Credit: Tim Harman

16. Floating Loft Bed

Seemingly held up by nothing more than a ladder and some design magic, this ultra cool loft, built by Tim Harman of the website You can, man., is definitely a show-stopper. The structural pipe fittings give it an industrial vibe, and the desk and bookshelf below are nice functional touches. One of the best parts? Harman got all the supplies for this project for under $300.

17. Sky-High Loft Bed

You know the rule: If you’re low on square footage, build vertically. This loft, seen in Graham Gardener’s home, takes advantage of the sky high ceilings, making the space look larger than life and providing plenty of room below for a work area.

18. Natural Wood Loft Bed With Window

Indiana-based build studio Carpenter Owl largely focuses on tiny homes, which are practically made for loft beds. The one pictured here is a lovely example of how to incorporate windows—and a little bit of the great outdoors—into a super-small loft bed area.