11 Spookily Adorable Halloween Dog Costumes — When They’re Over Being a Hot Dog, Pumpkin, or Taco

published Sep 7, 2022
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West Highland White Terrier dog decorated with photo props sits near orange pumpkins, at home
Credit: Helen Sushitskaya/Shutterstock

Spooky season has officially entered the chat, and if you ask me, the only thing that rivals cute kids in Halloween costumes are cute dogs in Halloween costumes. I mean come on, how can anyone resist a dog dressed up as a dinosaur? Whether you’re trick-or-treating with your pup in tow or handing out candy with your dog by your side, you’ll no doubt garner some smiles having your furry friend decked out for the occasion. And while any sort of costume will doubtlessly charm, if you want to go the extra mile and move beyond the basic hot dog, pumpkin, or taco getup, look no further. Below, you’ll find some of the cutest and more unique dog Halloween costume ideas of the season. Just be sure to measure your dog to find the appropriate sizing before you buy, and be sure they can move freely and are relaxed while wearing their costume! 

Not only is this costume adorable, it also lights up! Perfect for trick-or-treating, having your pup illuminated will obviously make them more visible, and it’s just plain fun. If I’m being honest, this could also totally pass as a dragon costume, and would be perfect for any “House of the Dragon” costumes, especially if anyone is going as a white-haired Targaryen. 

Grandma aesthetic is having a moment, especially with the Coastal Grandmother trend still going strong, and it just makes sense to have your dog get in on the action. While this grandma costume isn’t necessarily coastal, perhaps you just can’t resist seeing your dog with a wig, carrying a little purse. I know I couldn’t. 

Sistahs!! “Hocus Pocus” is, of course, a classic, and I laugh just thinking about seeing a dog in this Winifred Sanderson costume. With “Hocus Pocus 2” being released on Sept. 30, I’m sure I’ll be seeing lots of Winifreds, Marys, and Sarahs out trick-or-treating, and would personally love to see a human Mary and Sarah paired with a dog Winifred. 

For anyone who takes their morning coffee run very seriously, dressing your dog up as a latte couldn’t be cuter. Pair it with your own barista costume, and you’re all set!

Sometimes, less is more. No matter how large or small your dog is, a lion mane is the perfect accessory and an easy costume to turn your pup into the king of the jungle. This is also a great option if you have a group of “Wizard of Oz” characters. Your pup can have the Cowardly Lion covered as you opt for Dorothy, the Tin Man, or the Scarecrow. 

There’s something about dog costumes that have little arms sticking out that make me laugh every time, and this boxer costume is no exception. With a small belt feature that says “champ,” this would be an especially hilarious costume for a smaller dog with a big attitude. 

Sometimes our dogs are not into wearing costumes, and that’s okay. You want them to have fun on Halloween, and if wearing bandanas is more their speed, this one takes the cake. Humorous and understated, it’s the perfect option for a dog who can’t stand a hat on their head or a costume on their back. 

I know there’s a stereotype that dogs don’t like postal carriers, but I’ve seen plenty of dogs that love them! The cuteness factor is high with this costume, due to the arms holding a box that make it appear like your dog is carrying a package. Special delivery!

“Squid Game” was released last year and was a majorly popular Halloween costume in 2021, but with news that season two has been officially greenlit (pun intended), a “Squid Game” costume is a great option this year, especially if your dog is already used to wearing hoodies! 

Boy, did “Stranger Things” get spooky this season! Dress your pup up as a demogorgon and you’re sure to start up some conversations. Bonus if you have someone dressed up as Eleven.

With NASA preparing to launch a giant moon rocket into space to begin the Artemis l mission, this costume is perfect for Halloween this year. Pairing it with an astronaut costume is the cherry on top of a perfect space-themed sundae. This jacket just so happens to be a rain slicker, and is reflective as well, making it a great option for year-round wear if you don’t mind your pup sporting the NASA logo.