The $1 Dollar Tree Kitchen Find That Will Replace All Your Food Storage Containers (I’m Buying 4!)

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Dollar Tree Store Exterior, Manassas, Virginia, USA, July 27, 2022
Credit: refrina/Shutterstock

Opening up my cabinet to grab a storage container for my leftovers is like willingly walking into an avalanche. Plastic containers shoved haphazardly in nooks and crannies evidently come tumbling down when I try to find the proper container and lid combination, leaving me feeling a little (or a lot) frustrated at how disorganized and chaotic my container cabinet can be. So when I find a set of containers that stack nicely together — and are aesthetically pleasing — I can’t help but buy the set so I can ditch my old plastic containers for good. And wouldn’t you know it, but Dollar Tree has the perfect solution right now.

Sold at $1.25 a piece, Dollar Tree is selling glass storage containers with sealed gray and blue plastic lids. They hold 13.5 ounces of food, which is the equivalent of 400 milliliters. These storage containers are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe, making them the perfect container for any scenario. Need to heat up some leftovers for lunch while you’re at the office? No need to transfer your meal from a plastic container to a plate; just heat it right in this container. Freezing leftovers or extra cuts of meat you have for later? These containers make it easy, and eliminate the number of plastic sealed bags you would use. Plus, these containers stack well on top of each other, making it easy to store so you don’t have to endure that container cabinet avalanche ever again.

While these particular containers are not currently sold on Dollar Tree’s website, you can grab a different set of 5-inch glass storage bowls with lids online. Snag a set of 12 for $15, or simply buy the number of storage containers you need for $1.25. In the same way, these containers can stack together nicely in your cabinet, saving you that headache when it’s time to grab a container to store your dinner leftovers.

Buy: Clear Glass Storage Bowls with Plastic Lids, 5 in., $15