The Stylish Silicone Broom That Has Me Vacuuming So Much Less

published Jan 29, 2024
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A woman standing in a white kitchen, sweeping the concrete floors with a broom
Credit: Joe Lingeman

While I have a weakness for all things aesthetically pleasing, I acknowledge that visual appeal alone doesn’t always equate to quality. After all, what good is a beautiful couch if it’s not comfortable, a pillow that lacks softness, or an eye-catching broom that fails to sweep well? When I was initially offered the opportunity to test the Dotti broom, these considerations crossed my mind. Did I really need an upgrade from my reliable, mundane broom simply because there was a more visually appealing alternative?

However, the Dotti Broom came with more than just a promise of style enhancement. Surprisingly, it has evolved into a fundamental item in my household — not solely for its aesthetics (although I appreciate that) but primarily because of its functionality. Featuring an adjustable handle, a removable head, and silicone bristles capable of tackling any mess, the Dotti broom has rendered my conventional broom obsolete. Sweeping my home has been completely reinvented, and I’m not alone — another editor at The Kitchn can vouch for its remarkable performance as well. It is that good.

What Is the Dotti Broom and Dustpan?

This sleek Odyssey model (which I own) boasts a nearly black matte finish and has resilient silicone bristles, an adjustable pole, and a user-friendly removable broom head that can tackle numerous surfaces, including carpets! The dustpan, which features a foothold for ergonomic use, completes the package. Together, this broom is your go-to for deep-cleaning carpets, sweeping indoor floors (wood, laminate, tile), and handling light outdoor tasks on decks and patios. It’s low maintenance with easy clean-up that requires nothing more than dish soap and water — just be mindful of rough surfaces like driveways that may wear the bristles! Experience a broom upgrade you ever knew you needed. You won’t regret it!

Why I Love the Dotti Broom and Dustpant

Credit: Haley Lyndes

This broom isn’t just a looker in my home; it’s been a complete game-changer for my cleaning routine, all thanks to its unique silicone bristles. Living in my bustling apartment with two remote workers, frequent friend visits, and the occasional pet chaos, keeping the floors spotless is a never-ending task. While my vacuum used to be the go-to, the Dotti has swooped in as the hero, effortlessly grabbing hair and dust. A quick rinse under hot water, and it’s cleaned up and ready to go for next time (unlike regular brooms where you have to sift the dirt out yourself). The only hiccup is the adjustable handle that falls down on occasion (not a big deal for me), but it’s worth noting. Truth be told, my Dotti outshines the vacuum every time — nabbing pet hair, dust, and more with ease!

“I just moved into a new apartment, and the Dotti broom has been a lifesaver when it comes to sweeping the dusty floors. I was initially apprehensive about the silicone bristles, but they do a fine job of picking up even the smallest debris. The broom is also super lightweight and much easier to clean than other brooms. I love the extendable handle, as well as the handle on the pan, too, which allows for easy emptying.” – Nikol Slatinska, Shopping Writer