This $10 Find on Amazon Has Solved My Biggest Issue with My Rugs

published Apr 6, 2022
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When my fiancé and I moved into our new apartment eight months ago, we snagged double the square footage of our previous digs for about the same price. (A small-space dweller’s dream? I certainly think so!) But since San Francisco has a rug coverage quota for most apartments, we had to pick up a few new plush surfaces. Finding the right rugs and pads for our new space was easy, but living with them? Now that was the hard part.

Our apartment has a long hallway that leads to our bathroom, bedroom, and respective offices. However, every time either of us would step on our new runners, the rug would fly far away from the pad hiding beneath. Not only did this turn something as simple as carrying my morning coffee to my office into a scene from “Mission: Impossible,” but it also looked terrible. I spent a lot of time adjusting the runner and rug pad — only to do it again a few minutes later.

“If only there was a way to fix this,” I thought to myself. “If only I could bind the two with some double-sided tape.” As luck would have it, I discovered YYXLIFE’s Double Sided Carpet Tape — and it has been a total game-changer.

YYXLIFE’s carpet tape is exactly what it sounds like: The roll has two adhesive sides that successfully keep your rug in place. Though this tape is billed as a great way to stick a carpet to a wooden, concrete, or tiled surface, it can also successfully bind a rug runner to its respective pad. Translation? It’s the perfect way to solve my biggest rug annoyance.

Using this YYXLIFE’s carpet tape is a total breeze: All you need to do is cut the tape to your desired length, peel off protective paper on each side, and apply it to your rug and corresponding pad. (Since my rug pad is shorter than my runner, I applied this tape to the perimeter of the pad.) While YYXLIFE instructs you to press down firmly on the taped area, I’d also recommend piling on a few heavy books to make sure the tape sticks. From there, the brand’s military-grade strength takes hold.

Credit: Kelsey Mulvey

It’s been eight months since I used this carpet tape on my rug runners, and I can confidently say that easy DIY hack works. Since my rug pad is shorter than my rug, the edges of my runner are slightly flipped up; however, I can walk up and down my hallway without needing to brace myself for a spontaneous slip and slide. It’s no wonder this pick has over 40,000 positive reviews on Amazon. While I have no plans to remove this tape anytime soon, YYXLIFE claims it leaves no sticky residue behind — a blessing for renters who are looking to use it on their apartment’s floors, but don’t want to sacrifice their security deposit.

But perhaps the best part of this hack is how affordable it is. Right now, a 10-yard roll of YYXLIFE’s prized carpet tape costs — drumroll please — $10 on Amazon. So, whether you want to tack down of all your rugs or take care of a pesky trouble area, this tape will deliver over and over again. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a dining room rug that needs some reinforcing.