Drew Barrymore’s “Messy” Bedroom Transformation Is So Relatable

published Mar 3, 2023
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headshot of Drew Barrymore
Credit: Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images; Design: Apartment Therapy

Actress and talk show host Drew Barrymore has never shied away from keeping it real with her social media followers, especially when it comes to her house. From sharing her attempts at spring cleaning to voicing her hot takes on bathroom trends, the A-lister is refreshingly candid about all things home-related.

Case in point? A highly relatable bedroom refresh Instagram reel in which Barrymore showed off her “messy” bedroom and bathroom before and after she got things reorganized.

“Show me your room before and after you clean it,” the onscreen text read, as she took viewers on a tour of her cluttered bedroom floor, closet, and bathroom vanity.

Suddenly, the piles of packages and papers on the bedroom floor and the cosmetics littering the bathroom sink were gone, replaced by clean floors and sparkling appliances. Chef’s kiss!

Clearly, Barrymore’s followers appreciated her honesty when it comes to tackling some long-overdue clutter. Stars — they’re just like us!

“When you realize that celebrities (some of them) are regular people too,” one Instagram user commented. “I love that her bathroom looks like a normal person’s bathroom and not the size of a whole apartment.”

Another agreed, adding: “If Queen Drew’s room can look like this sometimes, it’s okay if mine does too. Thank you for your authenticity. This is a major struggle of mine and it’s good to see that even those we look up to deal with this as well.”

In recent years, plenty of celebrities have used social media to debunk the popular misconception that every well-known figure lives in a spotless, enormous home. In January, Julia Fox gave her 1.6 million TikTok followers a tour of her “underwhelming” New York City apartment, which featured realistically lived-in rooms that were miles away from the polished aesthetics of many a celebrity Architectural Digest tour. Here’s to celeb home transparency!