Drew Barrymore Has Four Cats in Her NYC Apartment And This Is the Litter Brand She Swears By

published Apr 23, 2023
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Credit: TidyCats.

It’s difficult to picture talk show host, designer, makeup mogul, and actress Drew Barrymore scooping out litter boxes and chasing her fluffy cat around when it’s got some, let’s say stuff, on her tail. She really is just like us. It’s nice to know that everyone is dealing with the same kind of pet parent woes, and for cat owners, most of those sighs and feelings of dread involve their kitten’s litter box.

Well, cats don’t always love their little box either, for multiple reasons. Cats didn’t used to their business in litter — it’s not the most natural texture for them. Litter has mostly been designed for human comfort (and noses) up to this point. Barrymore cares about the well-being of her four cats — Peach, Lucky, Big Kitty, and Little Kitty — so she decided to partner with Tidy Cats on their launch of a new cat-first litter line called Tidy Care Comfort, which is exclusively available at Walmart. We spoke to Barrymore at the kickoff event about her cats, why she decided to prioritize this litter, and her passion for aesthetically pleasing litter boxes.

“There’s so much care and concern for the animal,” Barrymore says. “Ironically, my first job in life when I was 11 months old was a commercial and it was Purina, so I feel like it’s a ‘how it started; how it’s going’ moment. It’s so cat over commerce. I can tell that they really care about these animals.”

She says that her cats like it because it’s more gentle on their paws. She’s so all-in on this litter that she’s ready to have a truck full of Tidy Cats Comfort pull up to her home.

Tidy Care Comfort boasts a non-scented and lightly-scented version that cats will find enticing. The litter itself has smaller litter granules, which will feel more natural under your cat’s paws, and the litter clumps into smaller, more scoopable clumps. The litter also has 14-day odor control, which will keep your bathroom or litter box area smelling, well, not like cat litter (or worse). This low-dust litter also keeps more of the litter inside the litter box and less on your floor.

Credit: Tidy Cats.

Barrymore has also teamed up with Tidy Cats to offer a total litter box renovation. Through May 8, you can apply here and provide information on why you deserve this litter box-area makeover. The winner will receive a prize of $5,000, which they can spend on items for their renovation at Walmart, and design advice from Barrymore herself.

“I have cats and they live in an indoor Manhattan apartment — that struggle of keeping it clean and smelling good and not un-aesthetically pleasing,” She says. “I wanted to do this because I’m so hellbent on wanting to bring a different perspective to pet design. I think there are some incredible things being done, but they’re hard to find and usually a little more expensive. I’m always the mass girl — think niche, make mass.”

Basically, we can’t wait to see Barrymore’s new take on litter boxes. But until then, Barrymore uses multiple oval-shaped top-entry litter boxes (likely similar to this one) for her kitties, because experts recommend it. The enclosed space makes cats feel safer while they’re doing their business.