The $20 Amazon Accessory That Stores (and Cuts!) Plastic Wrap Without Taking Up Any Space

published Sep 20, 2023
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As useful as plastic wrap and aluminum foil are in the kitchen — seriously, just check here and here for tons of functions you’ve probably never even known they had — they can be a pain. For one, they take up valuable drawer space, and their cardboard containers and cutters are virtually useless. Especially plastic wrap. When you open a new one, it pops right out of the box, or the plastic gets stuck and you can’t find the end again. If you’re in the middle of cooking, it can majorly slow your roll (get it?), but even if you’re wanting to cover your leftovers, it’s just as aggravating.

Seemingly minor issues like this can have an impact on your overall experience in the kitchen. That’s why tons of companies have come up with nifty gadgets to solve them — like this hard boiled egg peeler to take the hassle out of removing a shell, for instance, or this instant beverage cooler that makes it possible to have ice-cold drinks on the go without a cooler. But when it comes to all the problems that go hand-in-hand with food wrap, the Drive Link Refillable Magnetic Plastic Wrap Dispenser nips them in the bud.

What is the Drive Link Refillable Magnetic Plastic Wrap Dispenser with Slide Cutter?

This handy tool saves space and ensures that none of your roll goes to waste. Compatible with foil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper — make sure to check the roll size and the container’s measurements just to be safe —  this dispenser has a magnetic base, so it can stick to a metal appliance like your fridge. So, it takes the cardboard boxes out of your drawer and takes advantage of an under-utilized space. As for the cutter portion, it’s hidden, two-way, and stainless steel, which keeps it from getting stuck on the track.

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What Amazon Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.3/5

“I am loving this … plastic wrap and I have never had a harmonious relationship as it obviously has a mind of its own, refusing to tear neatly from the roll. Now, I have imprisoned the stuff in this dispenser and I have total control of it! Score!!!!!” — K.M.

“It looks great on the side of my fridge and works like a charm … I’ve only used it for plastic wrap so far but I think it would work just as well for foil.” — Arlie B.

“I hate losing the ends of the shrink wrap just to find I need to cut and lose more of it. This container has solved that issue and make it’s easy to cut without having to worry for a knife or dull scissors. If you are like me and hate the cardboard container shrink wraps come in this is the solution!” — RamiroBond

If you want to make the most of every inch of drawer space you have, this gadget is a necessity. Plus, it keeps you from accidentally messing up a roll of plastic wrap and rendering it totally unusable, guaranteeing a clean tear every time. Oh, and make sure to apply a 5 percent off coupon at checkout!