This $50 Space Saver Just Might Be IKEA’s Most Under-the-Radar, Stylish Storage Solution

published Nov 11, 2021
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When it comes to stylish storage, IKEA really doesn’t miss. Their pieces are designer-approved, easy to personalize, and you can even score some of their solutions for under $150. You’ve probably seen IKEA’s famous PAX wardrobes in people’s homes as closets as well as their chic kitchen cabinets, but what about bathroom storage? If you don’t have spacious under-sink vanity cupboards or drawers, finding places to store things in a tiny bath might stump you. One place that you could (and should) take advantage of though is… right above your toilet! That’s where renter Emma Frank added a super-stylish, $50 space-saving shelving unit, and — you guessed it! — it’s from IKEA.

Frank and her husband, Pedro, live in a 700-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn. Frank’s design style is clean, simple, and colorful. “There are some tendencies towards leanness and minimalism, but in color,” she says. “Definitely a lot of Scandinavian influences.” Since their apartment’s footprint is on the small and narrow side, Frank and her husband had to get a little creative to make the space as functional as possible. “We learned to embrace the layout and to think of it more like a loft apartment,” Frank says.

Credit: Erin Derby

When you have a smaller apartment, you typically have a small bathroom, too. Such was the case for Frank, and built-in storage just did not exist in her space. The tiny, wall-mounted sink had no cabinetry beneath it, and the square footage certainly couldn’t accommodate a linen closet. For storage, Frank ended up using two $50 finds to really max out the floor plan: a toilet paper organizer and the DYNAN shelving unit from IKEA. The toilet paper organizer slides right between the toilet and the wall, offering a discreet, convenient place to store extra rolls. As for the DYNAN, well, it’s minimalist in style and absolutely genius. Typically, you’d see people add storage next to the sink or maybe on the empty wall next to the shower or tub. Frank decided to seize the unused, over-the-toilet, vertical wall space though with this piece, and it makes so much sense. This shelf is about 74 inches tall and 27 inches wide but only seven inches deep. That means it’s wide enough to slide right over the toilet without getting in the way while actually using the toilet.

It’s not like over-the-toilet shelving units are a totally new concept, but the DYNAN is an IKEA product that I hadn’t seen used before and think more people should know about. It’s far more elegant than other similar products I’ve seen for this spot in the bathroom — and cheaper, too. If you have high ceilings in your bathroom, you can even add shelves onto this modular unit for even more storage opportunities. The result? Space to stash towels and toiletries without introducing a bulky piece of furniture that will only make a small bath seem even more crowded. Frank uses her shelf to display plants and a decorative basket that can secretly store just about anything. This shelf is so sleek and affordable though, if you have a tiny bathroom, it just might be exactly what you need to reclaim a little bit of storage.