6 No-Reno Ways To Make Your Shower Feel Like New in a Flash

published Nov 24, 2018
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While we all need a little more #selfcare in our lives, not all of us are lucky enough to have a tub to soak in with a glass of wine and a good book. But just because you’re in a shower-only home or apartment doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little luxury every time you step in. It’s really simple to upgrade even the most practical of bathroom set-ups. Here’s how to take your shower from simple to spa-like:

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1. Buy a new shower curtain

Sure this seems simple, but if you think about it your shower curtain is your best opportunity to introduce color or pattern into a space, especially if you’re renting and don’t want to repaint. If your bathroom is small, choose a curtain with a large-scale pattern; it will help create the feeling of more space. And for a bathroom that’s low on natural light, go bright to help the whole room feel lighter. Target, Kate Spade, and Amazon all have affordable and beautiful options. Swapping in a new design or color will breathe new life into the entire room.

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2. Install a new showerhead

There’s no need to settle for a sad drizzle of water that barely rinses out shampoo. Dip a toe into home DIY by replacing your showerhead with a more deluxe model. You won’t believe how easy it is to upgrade your showerhead on your own with a few simple tools: an adjustable wrench and plumbers tape. Don’t get overwhelmed with all of the choices, just keep your must-haves in mind: maybe it’s a more luxe spray option or water filtration. Plus to avoid germ-y build-up, clean your showerhead once a month by putting vinegar in a plastic bag and placing it over your showerhead (attach with a rubber band) for a few hours or overnight. Remove and scrub to get rid of it. This will help keep your showerhead feeling like new.

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3. Re-caulk

Few things are grosser than the mold that develops in your shower when the grout erodes between your tiles. And it’s such a pain to clean too. You don’t need to replace all of the grout, just spots where it’s not looking great or is nonexistent. Save yourself the weekly hassle and do one good deep clean, remove the old grout with a grout rake, make sure the excess is completely removed, and apply the new grout. If you’re just applying small sections, use a pre-mixed grout. It will be quickest and easiest.

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4. Add a eucalyptus bundle

Nothing feels more relaxing than a little aromatherapy at the end of the day. Using simple garden twine, hang a bundle of eucalyptus in the shower. The steam and heat in the shower will release the scent. It has been known to help with respiratory function, but it just plain smells nice too. Trader Joe’s often carries it for cheap.

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5. Invest in new storage options

Dealing with bottles of shampoo, body wash, and conditioner falling all over the place while you shower doesn’t exactly scream relaxation. Before you buy any type of shower organizer, take stock of how many bottles you have and need space for. Then buy a shower caddy that doesn’t rust—OXO has a great rustproof version in more than one size. Stay on top of what bottles have enough product left in them too. Chances are you’ve got a massive shampoo bottle taking up way too much room in your shower right now. Swap small amounts to travel sized bottles to create more space.

6. Hang a waterproof radio

A little mood music will have you singing your way through your shower if you add a waterproof speaker to the mix. They’re inexpensive, can connect to your phone through Bluetooth, and are small enough that they won’t take up too much space. If you’re thinking, “Why can’t I just use my phone,” you absolutely can, but you’ll have to deal with lesser sound quality. A speaker will truly enhance your experience, and you’re worth the splurge.