This Robot Will Keep Your Cat Entertained When You’re Not Home

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Cats have a reputation for being aloof and self-sufficient. However, you’d be wrong to assume that your feline friend would like nothing more than to be left alone. Studies have shown that cats can develop separation anxiety and even bond with their owners in a similar way children bond with their parents. Unfortunately for cats, most of us don’t have the luxury of spending all day every day at home with our furry friends. 

Enabot, the company behind the smart robot Ebo, a successful Kickstarter project, promises that Ebo “will not only help burn off excess calories for your cat but will also provide mental stimulation and keep their joints and muscles flexible and healthy.” 

Credit: Ebo

Dubbed as the “life-like companion for your cat,” Ebo can roll in any direction without your input, decelerating automatically when its collision sensors discern an obstacle in its path. The robot’s movements are purposely erratic, mimicking those of your cat (and prey). It also makes noises and displays lights, adding yet another layer of unpredictability. A notch above the standard model is the Ebo Pro, which adapts its play style to your cat’s personality and mood. 

In case your cat prefers old school toys, Ebo comes with interchangeable accessories like feathers, string, and a built-in laser pointer. Since Ebo is autonomous, it automatically returns to its charging dock when it’s running low on power. 

Ebo is more than just another smart cat toy, though. Because Ebo connects to WiFi and has a built-in camera and microphone, you can keep tabs on your cat throughout the day, regardless of where in the world you are. While you can see, hear, and talk to your pet, you can also take control of the laser beam and tease your cat during your lunch break, on the commute back home, or even while on holiday in another country. 

Being able to take and share photos is great, but Ebo’s built-in camera can serve another purpose—”If your cat isn’t feeling well, you’ll have footage of concerning behavior to bring to the vet,” Enabot says. 

If you want to go all out, there’s also Ebo’s Smart Collar, which links up with the robot companion to track your cat’s activity levels, like the number of steps it takes daily. In case the collar gets stuck, it’ll automatically loosen and come off, preventing any accidents, like choking. 

Ebo is now available for purchase via Enabot’s official site. The standard model costs $239 and can be shipped out in seven days. Ebo’s Smart Collar will be available in March (and will cost $29), whereas Ebo Pro is still in development and will be ready in June, but you can pre-order it now for the reduced price of $259 (it will otherwise set you back $299).