This Under-the-Radar $11 Find Is My Secret to Spotless, Scuff-Free Floors

published Jun 19, 2024
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Someone mopping floor.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

It’s hard to explain just how irritating a stubborn scuff mark can be. When I first moved into my apartment three years ago, I noticed a decently sized scuff across my vinyl kitchen floor. Initially, I chalked it up to the effects of moving; after all, it is a high-traffic area (you have to enter my kitchen first to get to the rest of my place). I said to myself, “Don’t worry, you’ll make light work of that scuff once you’re completely moved in.” Boy was I wrong.   

Reader, as of April of this year, that scuff was still there. I tried everything — magic erasers, the tennis ball hack, my family’s tried-and-true mopping solution, you name it. I was resigned to the fact that nothing would remove it (and that it was, more likely than not, a scratch not a scuff). Then, while attending a Home Depot event, I came across ECOLAB’s Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner and thought, “Hmm, let’s give it one more shot.” Let’s just say this floor cleaner now has a permanent spot in my cleaning routine.

What Is the ECOLAB Floor Cleaner?

Safe for daily use, the ECOLAB Floor Cleaner is designed to provide a professional-grade clean to any water-washable floors, including wood, laminate, marble, granite, and vinyl. Resulting in a shiny, streak-free clean, this concentrated cleanser is ready to go right out of the bottle, no diluting necessary.  This versatile no-rinse formula can also be applied with any cleaning method of your choice, including a string mop, spray mop, or spray bottle. Best of all, it leaves behind a gorgeous (and subtle) fresh scent, safe for those with fragrance sensitivities. 

Credit: Home Depot

Why I Love ECOLAB’s Floor Cleaner

Now, as I explained above, I was dealing with a stubborn scuff for years — emphasis on the was. Yep, this cleaner finally made that dreaded eyesore disappear. After applying it to a damp rag, I pressed the solution into the scuff, let it sit for five minutes, gave it a good wipe, and let out an audible gasp (I’m also not ashamed to admit that a happy dance followed). I couldn’t believe that the scuff was gone. After that, I took out my mop and decided my whole place needed the star treatment. What I was left with was clean, sparkling floors, a sweet scent in the air, and a new essential in my cabinet.   

You can get a gallon of ECOLAB’s Floor Cleaner for just $11 when you pick it up today, exclusively at The Home Depot. Looking to test out a smaller bottle first? You can also pick up a 32-ounce spray bottle version for just $6! So what are you waiting for? The cleanest floors of your life are only a click away.

Buy: ECOLAB Floor Cleaner, $10.98