Amazon Shoppers Say This Soft and Fluffy $19 Pillow Set Makes Them Feel Like They’re Sleeping at a Luxury Hotel

published May 10, 2023
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House tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina - bedroom. Bed has white linens, white fabric headboard. Striped rug, striped pillows on bed

I’ll say it — I’m a fluffy pillow absolutist. In recent years, I feel like I’ve encountered more and more people who swear by firm, brick-like bed pillows, claiming that the firmness provides better neck support or something to that effect. (I’ve even met some who sleep with no pillows at all — the horror). But there’s just something unmatched about lying down after a grueling day and sinking your head into a cloud-like cushion; it’s the same feeling you get when you stay at a nice hotel with top-quality bed linens. But even if you’re like me and you (rightfully) prefer a softer landing, chances are you share a bed with someone who wants the opposite. This can complicate the process of buying bedding. I mean, what are you supposed to do? Buy two mismatched pillows that run the risk of looking noticeably different atop your bed? The answer, of course, is no. Instead, you simply need to pick up a set of the EIUE Hotel Collection Bed Pillows from Amazon, which should be no problem at all because they retail for just $19.

These pillows are a huge hit among Amazon shoppers for multiple reasons. Namely, they’re great for sleepers of all kinds, firmness preferences notwithstanding. That’s because each down alternative microfiber pillow has one side that’s filled with hollow fiber, which creates a plush feel, and another side that contains 3D gel fiber for a more solid structure. Simply flip it to the side that’s more suited to your liking, and enjoy hours of uninhibited comfort! Regardless of which side you opt for, both of the fill types are ultra-breathable, plus they’re encased in a cooling cotton shell that feels smooth against the skin.

Suffice it to say, your quality of sleep will be unmatched, especially if you go off of what Amazon shoppers have to say. “I swear they get bigger every night instead of flattening!” one reviewer wrote. “I have a bad neck, so these support me incredibly well in any position. I have not had a migraine once since I got them!” The pillows arrive vacuum packed, so don’t be taken aback by how flat they look right out of the packaging. Whether you manually fluff them or wait for them to expand on their own, they’ll be ready to go in a matter of hours. For cleaning, just machine-wash the set and tumble dry them on low heat. It’s all sweet dreams from there.